In warehouse and production environments, advanced machinery is important in ensuring consistent, efficient workflow. But how can you protect your machinery from damage and breaks? 

When operating machinery, you must apply protective measures that prevent tools and equipment from breaking or sustaining expensive or even dangerous damage. This way, you can reduce hazards and avoid disruptions. 

Here’s everything you need to know to protect your machinery from harm!

Why do you need to protect machinery?

Quality machinery is essential to the effective functioning of a warehouse or production workspace. 

Machinery that is performing at its optimal level can help to save time and reduce operational costs, so it’s important that you do what you can to prevent damage. Similarly, protecting machinery can help you avoid the need for expensive repairs later on.

In many workplaces, machinery and equipment is subject to a range of hazards, from breaks to chemical exposures. These hazards can be harmful to staff and may cause serious injuries if not addressed. 

Protecting your machinery can help you maintain a smooth-running and safe workplace without unnecessary expenses. 

How can you protect your machinery?

There are many things you can do regularly to prevent damage to your machinery. 

First, consider how you store your equipment. Ensure that all machinery is stored in a safe, dry environment away from hazards such as leaking taps, excessive dust, or falling debris. 

Next, clean machinery thoroughly to remove grease, debris, moisture, and rust. Throw away any rubbish rather than letter it sit, and remember to check fuel, oils, and filters as directed. 

Many machine batteries need to be disconnected and stored in a cool, dry place when not in use. Check batteries regularly, and recharge them as needed. Inspect and clean battery connections to avoid damage and corrosion. 

Finally, apply protective equipment as needed to reduce risk to your machinery. This can help you maintain well-functioning machines for longer. 

What kind protective equipment should you use?

You might be familiar with safety equipment designed to prevent human injury, but you might not be as confident when choosing protective equipment for your machinery. Understanding what’s available an help you optimise your environment.

Use inspection pit covers and safety rails to guard your machinery against harm. These barriers can prevent machines from colliding with other warehouse equipment, reducing the likelihood of damage. 

Apply a safety light curtain around your machinery. These sensors can be used to detect threats to your machines, helping you take action to avoid damage and destruction. Light curtains use optoelectronic technology to detect nearby movement and alarm when damage or harm is likely. 

Remember, the protective equipment you use to look after your machines can also protect staff from harm. 

How do you choose the right protective measures?

Choosing the right safety measures is essential in helping you maintain a safe and functional work environment. 

When working with complex heavy machinery, always read instruction manuals closely, and be aware of any specific cleaning or maintenance needs. Stay up to date with care and servicing requirements at all times.

Purchase protective equipment that is well suited to your needs and your space. If you’re unsure what equipment or measures you should have in place, ask! Speak to a professional who can help you. 

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