Chapter 4 in maths of class 9 is a linear equation in two variables, which must be a new topic for you. The chapter is very important and is quite interesting. You can easily download the solution to all the NCERT questions of this chapter through RS Aggarwal Solutions Class 9 Ch 4 PDF which can be accessed from anywhere. This will help you analyze the mistakes that you are doing as the step-wise solutions are available in PDF format. To know more about the chapter and other points that should be noted regarding the subject. 

Why should you download the pdf of the solutions?

Even if you have downloaded the solutions pdf of any chapter it does not mean you don’t have to practice on your own. The solutions of chapter 4 are entirely based on the CBSE curriculum so that it can be beneficial to the student and help them to gain knowledge that is exam-oriented. 9th is said to be a new phase of life as you get to learn better things and have to get a little serious about your future. These pdfs will give you a direction so that you can track your mistakes. 

Things to keep in mind

About this interesting chapter, you should know that every two-variable equation has a unique solution and there are ways to find them. While solving these equations you have to keep in mind that you will have to apply some of your previous knowledge, so that the answer can be achieved in a faster way. The pdf of this chapter will include solutions of all the intext questions along with the detailed solutions of every exercise. You may also have to have your basic concept about linear equations in one variable. You must be knowing the definition of a linear equation, an equation that satisfies ax+by+c=0, in this, a and b should not be 0 and all the numbers should be real numbers. NCERT has compiled in such a way that if you read it line by line along with solving the examples then you can easily solve a variety of questions based on that topic. 

Summary of the chapter 

The overall chapter can be divided into 5 groups. The first one will be the introductory part where you get to learn what is a linear equation in two variables and how can you apply your previous knowledge to solve the equations. To get an overview of linear equations, their properties, and ways to solve them a separate exercise is present in NCERT. Then to go into further detail about the two variables, they are a graph representation of the equations and also how to form equations for a line that is parallel to the x and y-axis.

How beneficial are the solutions of the chapters that are present in NCERT? 

Now, you may have a question, that is even necessary to solve the NCERT. Yes, even though you think that your concepts are clear yet the reason you have to solve NCERT is that majority of the questions present here can be easily seen in your upcoming exam. If not the exact questions but the pattern of the way questions are formed will definitely be the same. So you will get an overall idea of the paper. Apart from this, the solutions to all the questions are not provided in the NCERT yet the few which are available can help you analyze your mistake.

To gain confidence in this chapter you have to do a regius practice of all types of questions that you might find. For this apart from NCERT, you can rely on any one of the authentic references books. If you don’t know which one is the best take the help of your teachers or go through the reviews that are available on the internet. 

How can you grasp the concept in a better way?

Apart from solving the questions from NCERT, some of the methods mentioned below can be used to enhance the grasping power and can also increase your attention span:

  • You can watch videos on youtube so that you have more conceptual clarity. 
  • Try discussing the doubts with your friend and teacher, explain the points or concepts you are good at to others. This will increase your retention power of that topic. 
  • To increase the concentration span you have to meditate and do some physical exercise. This will attract positive energy towards you and will affect your memory. 
  • Another thing that can be done is to take proper sleep. Apart from helping in improving the memory it also helps to reduce the anxiety attack that may happen to some students when the exams are near. 
  • Stay calm and just focus on the concepts that you know, try to make them stronger so that no question from that chapter can be missed. If you have enough time try to devote time to your weaker sections so that it can increase your score. 
  • Analyze your solutions with the help of the solutions given in the PDF so that you can match each step and pinpoint the areas where you get it wrong. 
  • Try increasing your concentration span but also remember to take small breaks in between your study session. This will help in receiving the energy so that you can devote proper attention to the next topic. 


The article must have given you some important points to ponder upon. They will surely help to improve your academic results. NCERT has to be properly followed without fail. Try to analyze and work upon your mistakes from the detailed solutions. This will help you avoid them in the final paper. Maths require consistent practice and trying to keep the track of your progress. Take some time off and indulge yourself in some other activities so that your mind can be refreshed. All these points will help you deal with your exams and exam fear with a positive attitude. 


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