Video content is king. It may have started to sound like a cliché. However, incorporating video content into your social media strategy can help you significantly increase your engagement rate. Since video content is more engaging than photos, they almost always tend to perform better.

Even streamers wonder how to increase viewers on Twitch. And they believe that one of the best ways is to turn their live streams into short, interactive videos on their social media site to grab the attention of users and expand their audience.

Video content type on social media varies from stories, long-form videos, and short-form videos to live streams. No matter which video content you leverage, you must implement the right strategy to help you grow. Keep reading this article for 5 valuable tips!

Tip #1: Create Top-Notch Quality Videos

Almost no one wants to watch a low-quality video. Therefore, no matter how well you have come up with the content, a poor-quality video can quickly distract viewers from watching it and engaging with it.

A top-notch quality video isn’t limited to high numbers of pixels, but it extends to great lighting, audio, and stability. Make sure the video is filmed in a bright space without any background clutter, and the audio is clear without an echo. Your phone/camera should also be stable.

Tip #2: Grab Viewers’ Attention Immediately

Always start your video with a strong introduction to lure the viewers into watching the entire video rather than scrolling past it. Of course, if the audience doesn’t even completely watch your video, how do you expect to get more video views, likes, shares, or comments?

You can start your video with a question or target the pain points of your audience at the start. You can also start it by giving the viewers a summary of what this video will be about to keep them watching it.

Tip #3: Give Your Videos a Humanly Touch  

Filming yourself in the video can create a strong bond with your followers, and it can help you boost your engagement rate, as you will be able to connect with them on a personal level.

Let’s say if you want to post a product tutorial on your social media page, you can hold the product in your hand and start telling your audience about its features and how it works. They will not only get a better understanding but will also attract them to watch the entire video.

Tip #4: Add Subtitles or Text

At times, people tend to watch videos on mute. Whereas deaf people may also like to watch your videos. Therefore, adding subtitles or text in your videos will allow you to cater to your audience’s needs.    

You can add text for context even if your video only contains music. Make sure to use the same fonts and colors for your text to make your videos branded.

Tip #5: Cross-Promote Your Videos

You can try cross-promoting your videos if you have several social media accounts. This way, you can attract new viewers on different social media pages. It can also facilitate you in increasing likes or number of followers on your page.

For example, if you have more followers on Instagram as compared to YouTube, you can create Instagram Reels out of your YouTube videos and make relevant edits. Then, you can ask your Instagram audience to watch the entire video on YouTube to boost views on your YouTube channel and increase the number of subscribers. 


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