What is bluemoon software?

Bluemoon is the world’s first digital wallet for storing, sending and exchanging money online. 

It helps you manage your money quickly, easily and securely. 

Bluemoon has full support of SEPA transfers within the eurozone, iDEAL payments for online purchases in the Netherlands, as well as multiple currencies including euros (EUR), dollars (USD) and pounds (GBP).

You can log into your account on bluemoon to send or receive money .Your account comes with a virtual bank card which you can use at any ATM around the world to withdraw your cash without any additional fees.

How does bluemoon work?You log into your account with an ID and password, then choose how much money you want to transfer using your virtual bank card.

When do I need bluemoon?You can start using bluemoon now – you don’t need an Internet connection or phone number – all you need is an email address.

Security of bluemoon

Your usernames and passwords are never stored in our database, they are encrypted when transferred between us and you. 

We have no way to decrypt the data so we cannot look at your account. How to use bluemoon software login ? This article explains how to open an account, log in and send money using bluemoon. 

We also have information about security & privacy for this site. We are not suggesting you should do anything that you are not comfortable with.

You must login to your account via an encrypted SSL connection so nobody can eavesdrop on your data. 

Ways to get bluemoon software :


Bluedot is the free secure browser that comes with bluemoon software that gives you peace of mind via encryption, data integrity and authentication technologies.

 Bluedot has been awarded “Best Browser Innovation” by the Mobile Marketing Association and is available for download on your iPhone and Android Smartphones.

2. Bluemoon Software 

Bluemoon Software is currently available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with support to launch in North America.

 You can sign up for a free account without obligation to use it or not. You just have to enter your email address, create a password and provide the requested information about yourself.

3. Bluemoon virtual bank card 

All you need is an email address to get started. To protect your money, two-factor authentication is highly recommended. 

On your first login you can choose to have your account verified by sending a code via email or by using the Google Authenticator app on iPhone or Android phones.

You can also edit your profile with details about yourself including name, date of birth and phone number.

 This information will be used if you lose your card and need to have it cancelled, or if you are making purchases online, so they can verify that the transaction was made with the correct holder of the card.

4. Mobile banking app for bluemoon

The bluemoon mobile banking app is available for iPhone and Android devices. 

You can easily manage your money from a smartphone or a tablet. 

Whether you are traveling abroad or just want to be able to check your accounts without having to log in on a computer, you can do so from the convenience of your smartphone.

5. Web browser login

You can log in to your account with a secure login page using HTTPS protocol. 

This means your communication with the server and the data you enter is encrypted and cannot be eavesdropped by unauthorized persons.

 This is done by generating a secret key and exchanging it between bluemoon and your computer. 

The communication between the two systems is encrypted using this key, ensuring that communication is secure.

6. MyAccount 

You can check your balances and transactions using the MyAccount section of bluemoon software where you can view past and present transfers.

 This is helpful when you are traveling abroad to confirm that money has been sent to family or friends. You can also request money from friends who also use bluemoon software.

You can easily and quickly check up on your account and money transfers using the MyAccount section of bluemoon software where you can view past and present transfers.

7. Send money to friends 

 Use bluemoon as a free payment service for sending cash to friends or family members. You can also request money from friends who also use bluemoon software.

8. Mobile banking app for bluemoon 

Manage your money from an iPhone or Android device, wherever you are in the world .

Operate your account securely & privately . 

Collect bills into your account 

Paying with bluemoon 

Setting up Payroll through bluemoon 


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