Others may not be attentive towards their bathroom and bathroom décor. But you don’t have to repeat these mistakes if you want this part of the house to stay forever youthful and well-maintained. It can sound like a simple task. But your bathroom involves several intricacies to ensure a high level of hygiene and sanitation amidst its four walls. You cannot think about aesthetics or innovation without going deeper into their utility for your daily needs. Even the most prominent and simple features require your close attention. When you succeed in uniting them, you get a bathroom that stands for functionality and timeless aesthetic appeal.

Think about sinks once. Whether you decide to fit your bathroom with under the counter basin or something else, you must ensure it looks great for years while withstanding the daily pressure. The choice of shape, size, surface, and color can have a significant role in this. Talking about colors, carefully selected wall paint can make your bathroom enchanting and safe. While spending time on the effects of natural or bright shades on the environment is necessary, you need to consider other factors as well. Here are some insights on this aspect.

Moisture resistance

High humidity causes condensation in the bathrooms, leaving the ceiling and walls damp. Proper ventilation can be a safeguard. But it doesn’t help entirely. Choosing moisture-resistant paint can come in handy in this area. You get washable paints nowadays. The close-knit molecular structure of the color can prevent water from seeping inside the walls. Also, maintenance will not be a headache because a smooth surface doesn’t allow dirt to build on it.

Oil or Latex base

So far, you must have heard about oil being the better option for this area for its durability, water resistance, and safety from abrasion. But oil colors dry slowly and contain a high amount of toxic volatile organic compounds. Also, when it comes to replacing this color, you would have to use solvents or spirits to clean it up. On the other side, water-based latex paints can be a more environmentally better choice. They don’t smell strong, and it is easy to get rid of them through washing brushes and rollers. You can rely on them to offer a remarkable experience than oil-based solutions.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

As hinted already, these can be present in both oil and latex wall colors. But the latter variety tends to contain them in a small quantity compared to the other. These toxic matters can lead to headaches and dizziness. Although there are mainly anecdotal proofs, some people debate that this can have carcinogenic effects. That’s why the American government has asked paint companies to restrict the content of this component. As per studies, semi-gloss varieties can have 380 grams per liter and satin 250 grams per liter. The product labels usually mention low VOC. There can be zero VOC paints also. Still, you can expect them to have a small amount of this compound. 


The wet and warm conditions of the bathroom are perfect for microorganisms like mold and mildew to grow. You can deal with minor flaws. However, when these intensify, it can be beyond your control. Your health can be at risk. That’s why many companies offer primers with a fungicide to kill them. You can apply them directly to the walls. Other products can have a mix of both, which allows you to delay such outbreaks.

Paint finish

Everyone knows how impactful paint finish can be on the home décor. Since it has to stay there for a long time, you will want to choose anything after proper deliberation. Gloss and semi-gloss are the two clear-cut categories. Earlier, glossy paints were pretty popular. While the craze has gone down, you can rely on its durability and easy-to-clean nature. The main problem is that it reflects light. At the same time, it can reveal stains and faults of the structure beneath it. With semi-gloss, you can expect all this and more without having to worry about reflection. In a humid environment of a bathroom, this can be a more sensible consideration. 

Apart from this, you also come across flat paint finishes like matte and eggshell. You can depend on them to conceal all the imperfections. However, the lack of ability to reflect light can make them dull-looking. Anyway, satin paint is doing well with homeowners. You can also pick this finish for your bathroom.

Other things to consider

Some people check two different companies for the same shade to compare prices. But they forget to think about two essential factors, such as coverage and drying time. Every company product can have a different coverage capacity represented as square feet per gallon. Another thing is the number of coats required. Some can work best in a single layer, and others may need two layers. Remember, applying pastel shade on a darker paint underneath is a different thing. You may still have to use two coats even if the product says one coat.

Besides that, drying time is also a critical point. Some paints claim you can apply the second layer after two hours. But you may have to wait for a few hours before doing this. You can follow the company’s instructions. However, you must know that subsequent application of the paint before allowing adequate time for the first layer can cause peeling issues. The first coat can get damaged.

You can take care of these fundamental things to enjoy your bathroom wall painting experience. As far as the choice of color goes, you can opt for natural tones to evoke calmness and comfort. If you want to keep things energized, bright hues are always the best. When deciding on the wall paints, you must focus on ceilings, flooring, vanities, and other items. No matter how high-quality paint you buy, your bathroom will lack character and strength if things don’t merge well. Try to create a visual balance or tasteful contrast through each of them to make your bathroom the most special corner of the house. Find more inspiration from modern developments like the ones from RWinvest, where contemporary living meets timeless luxury designs.


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