The covid-19 pandemic has changed everything. The living style has changed completely. The way we used to work, the way we used to enjoy, the way we used to do all other activities has changed. In the same way, our learning styles have changed. With this sudden shift away from the classroom in many parts of the globe, some are wondering whether the adoption of online learning will continue to persist post-pandemic, and how such a shift would impact the worldwide education market.

Everyone has a different way of learning and understanding concepts. Nowadays a student can even get assistance outside the classroom, and while many websites are trustworthy, many are not, and this reviews talks more in depth about it. We can see how the students who are introverts are benefited from the new online learning style. First, they were afraid of asking doubts in front of everyone and mixing up with other students. Now they just have to switch on their mic and speak or they can simply type their doubts in the chat boxes available. Isn’t it so simple to focus on studies now? Of course, it is! In addition, the online environment lends itself to a less hierarchical approach to instruction, which meets the learning needs of people who do not approach new information systematically or linearly.

Online learning environments are used effectively for collaborative learning. Independent learners also find online courses to be well suited for them. Like everyone has different learning styles in the same way all teachers have different teaching styles. Because learners have different learning styles or a combination of styles, online teachers design activities that address multiple modes of learning to improve the likelihood of successful experiences for each class participant.

While designing online courses, you should utilize multiple instructional strategies. Teachers can use the best app for online teaching for effective teaching. Some students learn better when information is presented visually and in a written form. In a class, they prefer teachers who use visual aids to list the essential points of a lecture to provide them with an outline to follow during the lecture. Do you know how effective it is to teach students with the help of visual aids? It is very effective! They understand the concepts very nicely. They remember it for long durations.

In online classes, students can learn faster and focus on what is being taught.  As nowadays no one has to go anywhere else to take classes, they save a lot of time. They have more time to prepare for entrance exams like students can prepare for NEET, JEE, or any other and teachers can prepare for exams like REET and many more. 

Some students learn best when they interact with others in a listening/speaking activity. Online learning environments help such students to learn more nicely. Although most information is presented visually, group participation and collaborative activities are completed in a great way online. In addition, teachers can add streaming audio and synchronous web-conferencing into an online course to make it more interesting for students to understand. 

Some students learn more when they are given practical examples. In online classes, teachers give learning opportunities for tactile/kinesthetic learners. Simulations with 3-Dimensional graphics can work like physical demonstrations. Online classes are well-suited for presentations and discussions of either group or individual projects and activities.

Now teachers and students can learn more and more and develop their skills. They have more time so they can invest that time in developing themselves. First, we used to learn in limited ways. Now we have come so far and every day we can see advancement in technology. Advancement in technology has improved the way of online learning a lot. There are apps for everything we want to learn about. There are many devices which teachers use to improve their understanding of the concepts. Online learning is bad in no way. Do you know how effective it has made the learning process? It has made the learning process very effective in every possible way. There is more Engagement and communication between teachers and students. Isn’t online learning excellent? Of course, it is great! We can learn more in less time. What could be better than this! Teachers and students can attend the online classes from anywhere safely. Go ahead and take maximum advantage of online learning. Happy online learning!


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