Cindy Lou Who is one of the main characters from Dr. Seuss’s book, “The Cat in the Hat”. Her name comes from an insult meaning ‘a noisy or troublesome girl’ and was changed by author Dr. Seuss for her to be better liked. She has both a sister named Sally who does not appear in most of the books and a brother named Roderick who does not appear in the books either.

Cindy is the youngest child of Who family, and she is a very spoiled child. At the beginning of “The Cat in the Hat”, Cindy complains when her mother tells her that they’ll be going to the mother’s cousin’s house for their annual Christmas visit. In “The Cat in the Hat Comes Back”, she once again throws a tantrum when her mother tells her that they will be going on vacation to Nowhere Land. Cindy sits down and refuses to get up by tightly gripping onto one of her chair legs with both hands, shouting out “NO!” repeatedly.

How Much Do You Know about Character Cindy Lou Who :

1. Cindy Lou Who is the youngest of The Who family :

Cindy Lou Who’s age is unknown, but she appears to be between 3 and 5 years old. Cindy lou who images  has black hair in a ponytail that reaches down to her waist. She also wears a yellow ribbon as a headband, which was given to her by her mother prior to their trip to the mother’s cousin’s home for their annual Christmas visit; presumably for good luck. The ribbon is absent during their vacation trip to Nowhere-Land, likely because it got lost or wet. Cindy wears a white shirt with blue stripes and a red bow around her neck, blue jeans and light brown shoes.

2. Who Family is going to the mother’s cousin’s house for their annual Christmas visit :

Who Family lives in an apartment on the top floor of a seven story building in an unnamed city or town. Prior to “The Cat in the Hat”, Cindy Lou Who complains when her mother tells her that they’ll be going to their annual Christmas visit to their relatives’ house, which is located 100 miles away from home. She also asked if she could have new roller skates instead of visiting her aunt’s house this year. Later in the book, Cindy’s mother calls her daughter “the most spoiled child in town”.

3. The mother is taking their cat named Snowball V to their relatives’ house :

In “The Cat in the Hat”, the mother is taking her cats named Snowball V, who is a white Persian cat, and Tippy Toes, who is a grey kitten, to their relatives house. The mother claims that she takes these cats with them because they enjoy visiting their relatives and also so that she will be able to keep an eye on them. These facts are revealed by the mother to Cindy Lou Who when she asks why all of the family’s pets had been brought along for this trip.

4. Cindy Lou Who does not have a horse :

Cindy Lou Who owns no pets and has no other family members aside from her parents, aunts, uncles and cousins that are mentioned in Dr. Seuss’s book. Like many children, Cindy Lou Who wants to have a horse for Christmas which she asks for repeatedly throughout the story. When she is sitting down on the stairs and refusing to get up, she shouts out for her mother to bring her horse. However, as revealed by the mother at the end of “The Cat in the Hat”, Cindy Lou Who did not receive a horse for Christmas but instead got an orange scooter with training wheels and a bell on it instead.

5. All of Cindy Lou Who’s family members have different names :

Cindy Lou Who has several uncles, aunts, and cousins that are mentioned in the story that all have different names. She only ever refers to them as “Uncle Orville” or “Aunt Gertrude”. The only familiar one she calls by his name is her father, Who-Who (or “Dada”) who is a doctor and he was always referred to as such throughout the story. Another one she calls by his name is her brother Roderick who is an artist and uses his first name Rod instead of last name.

6. Who family members are driving to their trip to Nowhere Land :

Cindy Lou Who’s father is driving his red car called “Mr. Brown”. Her mother is driving a black car called the “Suitcase” . Her sister Sally is riding in the backseat of their car with Cindy Lou Who. Her other older sister, Jane, is in the front passenger seat. Their two younger brothers are riding in the backseat of their father’s car, which is a black car which appears to be smaller than the Suitcase and Mr. Brown.


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