I think I’ve watched a few too many movies on mysite free movies and viewed them all with my eyes wide open. The things I have seen on the screen in front of me have influenced me in ways that I never thought possible. Movies have shaped who I am as a person, and it all started at the age of 10 years old when my mom finally let me watch “The Shawshank Redemption.” My love for movies began with this classic and has grown greatly since then. Movies have the power to turn any person into someone new; they can give hope, inspire ambition, make you cry but most importantly, they can show you a whole new world over which to explore who you are or what you’re capable of becoming.

10 reasons that movies has made you a better person are:

1. Movies have made you a more understanding person.

Movies can take you to a place that you’ve never been, introduce you to someone that you’ve never had the opportunity to meet, and reveal to you events of human nature that would otherwise be hidden from your eyes and experiences.

2. Movies have made you more perceptive.

Movies help you discover who people are by showing the audience their perspectives, their way of thinking, and their way of living life. The way in which we perceive the world usually contains biases, but movies have helped me become more aware of how other people see the world around them and how they live within it. 

3. Movies have made you more tolerant.

Movies help you to be more accepting because through film, you get the chance to study other cultures and their behavior; they also provide a neutral way of learning about people who are different from us and allow us to understand that they are just as human as we are.

4. Movies have helped you to be kinder.

Movies make it easier for us to try and mend old wounds that can damage the relationships we have with other people because they show us how others respond when faced with pain and suffering. They also show us how to be a better person by giving us a sense of compassion for others.

5. Movies have made you smarter about life.

Movies are like a lesson in how things really are. They show us how life really is, just as it is with all its pains and joys, to teach us that sometimes we have to love those who hurt us without expecting anything in return.

6. Movies have given you the drive to be better than what you are.

Movies teach us that even though we may not always be able to control our lives, we can still do something about it by choosing what’s right or wrong and making sacrifices for the greater good of humanity. 

7. Movies have made you more hopeful in your future. 

Movies were a very important aspect in how I view the future. They showed me all the ways that life can be better and that there is always hope for us to make it through whatever difficult situation we’ve been placed in.

8. Movies have made you more appreciative of the world around you.

With movies, we get to learn how people perceive their surroundings and how they interact with what surrounds them. Through films, we get to learn about other cultures and their way of living; they have helped me understand that there are other ways of living other than the one which I had experienced up til then and helped me become a more open minded person because of it.

9. Movies have made you more selfless.

Through movies, we see that life is something to be treasured. We are given an opportunity to see the beauty of how life can be and it helps us realize that happiness can sometimes be found in the simplest things of life. Movies have helped me empathize with others, which has in turn led me to want to help people when I can, because if films teach us anything, it’s that even the smallest kindness can mean the world to someone.

10. Movies have made you a better person by helping you to see what’s truly important.

Movies show us what is truly important in life; what is most important is to have hope and to be able to share that hope with someone else. By seeing the struggles, the pain, and the joys of others, we learn that our struggles are not as difficult as we have once believed them to be. Through movies, we can feel the same emotions and feelings that others do without having actually experienced them ourselves. This has helped me to become more empathetic towards others, which has in turn helped me become a better person because I am no longer afraid of being too open with my feelings.


Thanks to movies, I have become a much better and more understanding person. Movies have helped me to be grateful for what I have, and this has in turn allowed me to see things from a different perspective and boosted my determination to do the things that I wanted to do. Movies have also made me kinder by helping me understand other people who are facing difficult circumstances; they help us learn how we can show compassion for others without expecting anything in return. They make it easier for us to forgive people if they hurt us because they allow us to empathize with them and make them feel loved despite what they’ve done.


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