Collage photos are a great way to tell a story or keep memories in one place just like an album. From wedding, birthday, or anniversary photos to business purposes such as posters for digital marketing, collage photos come in handy. Thus, how do you perfectly fit all your products into one poster you can share? Creating a photo collage, though fun and interesting, can be quite a hustle. 

Determining what collage maker to use, which layout to use, and how best to make it attractive isn’t easy. This often leads to the question; what number of pictures is appropriate for each collage photo? You need them to neither be too many or too few. So, to learn more about a collage maker online, click here. The guide below, based on layouts you can customize with a collage maker, will be of great assistance to you:

Blended Collage

Tools provided by the collage maker enable you to seamlessly create a collage photo that is unique and captivating. In this type of collage, blend in the photos together without borders. Fade the backgrounds and finally come up with a natural-looking combination of memories. Whether you are coming up with posters to sell or it’s your 50th wedding anniversary, this would be a stunning go-to. You need 2 to 10 pictures for this. If you want more, yes, you can add up to even 50 of them. But, do not forget that too many photos reduce the authenticity of the blended collage.

Grid Table Collage

As the name implies, the photos are in a special grid frame. It has rows and columns, making them appear tabular. Whether you want to create a “before” and “after” comparison Collage photo for your marketing campaign or a photo grid to track your child’s growth, this is a great way to do so and is readily available as a template or layout you can create with a collage maker online.

It is advisable to use an even number of pictures. If for instance, you use 5 pictures, you will have to use one of the pictures twice to fill the grid. Also, pictures of different sizes will also need to be resized.

Photo Effects Collage

You can have one photo in different filters and effects displayed together. Instead of sending dozens of photos for a friend to choose from, you can edit the different filters into the photos and combine the results into one image for your target audience to easily choose from. Do not have too many pictures in one collage as it will be hard to differentiate one from the other due to crowding. 5 is averagely easy to see through and compare. Leave enough space between the photos through the collage maker online without having to download an app.

Bordered Collage With a Collage Maker Online

Borders allow for a minimalist finish in collage creation. It makes the picture pop out more by enhancing differentiation to the background of the collage. Here you can adjust the frame and spacing in between images to reduce crowding. Choose a theme for your collage photo, edit the color of the borders to make your collage more defined and attractive. This is great for PowerPoint presentations as well.

Provided your pictures are well bordered to differentiate one from the other, you can use as many pictures as possible by uploading them in the collage maker online. You can incorporate any shape for your borders into which you will fit your pictures either from the templates or by drawing them yourself.

Mosaic Collage

This may be one of the most difficult Collages to create and best done by professional artists. Why? Just like a puzzle requires a hundred to a thousand pieces to complete, a mosaic Collage combines tile-like small images on a blank page or an image to form a full image. You require at least 50 individual pictures but keep in mind that unlike other collages the more pictures you use the more detailed your mosaic will be.

The use of collage makers online has however simplified work as the websites require you to upload the final image you would like and the many pictures to form it. With these, the pictures are combined into one marvelous art piece.

Final Thoughts

There is no perfect number of pictures to fit into a collage. It all depends on what you aim to attain with the collage photo. Keep editing your photos until it pleases you. Do enough research on such undertakings and seek opinions from friends and professionals as well. Just be prudent not to use too many pictures in one collage. 

To achieve a stunning image with a collage maker online, have images of contrasting colors next to each other. Use no more than three components (editing features such as filters), and avoid too much negative space between the photos. This is because they can shrink down your images significantly, losing focus on them. 

You can add text as well to aid understanding and commemoration. The goal of the collage photo is to tell a story. Find the right collage maker that will help you tell your story the best way possible.


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