Want to know how to fast travel in the dying light fast travel countryside? Every player has a few tricks they’ve developed over weeks or months of play time. If you’re stuck with no gas, dying battery or what not, this guide will walk you through everything we’ve discovered and give you easy instructions on how to fast travel.

As a bonus, at the very end I’ll be including a visual map (otherwise known as a screenshot) of different shortcuts that get you around in Dying Light.

-How do I Fast Travel in the Dying Light Countryside? 

1.You must complete Act I to unlock the fast travel feature.

A fun thing about this game is that you get to choose when the story ends – you can always continue playing and complete more of the game’s challenges. If you’re looking for more info on how to beat Dying Light, check out my guide on beating Dying Light.

2.Not all Countryside locations are accessible by Fast Travel.

This may be obvious, but not all Countryside locations are available for Fast Traveling in Dying Light – it’s more like a seperate map with a few extra locations to choose from. There are also no new quests in the Countryside (in fact, there are no quests at all). 

You’ll still see some of the same characters, but they won’t be there to give you quests. If you prefer to view everything from a story perspective, then I’ll show you how to find the “back door” and complete the game’s main story – simply beating every part of Dying Light takes around 35-40 hours.


*You must complete Act I and get 2 keys to unlock extra doors in the Countryside that are not accessible by Fast Travel. (See guide on Day 1) *You must have unlocked all doors in the city to access every side mission as it’s not possible to Fast Travel between areas.

 *You must have completed every side mission in the city to unlock the “backdoor” – a key to unlock all doors in the Countryside. *You must have unlocked all doors in the City (see step #1)

4.Find the Back Door:

*Jock’s Shift Room: Go to Jock’s shift room on the second floor of the tower – you’ll have to climb up some pipes to get there. *There is a green keypad on the ground floor, and a red keypad that you must access later by climbing up some boxes. (See screenshot) *Get yourself inside Jock’s shift room from one of the 2 doors. 

*Quick Tip: You should already have this, but if not, make sure you have 3 keys for Jocks smaller shift room under the tower in Old Town near his table. *Go down the stairs to the red keypad on the ground floor. (See screenshot)

5.Enter the Back Door:

Press “X” on your keyboard to open up a map of all Countryside locations. By default you’ll be looking at Old Town – there are 2 other areas accessible by fast travel, but first things first, enter the backdoor and make sure that you have *Numerous Keys (at least 3) *A full battery and gasoline supply *An empty inventory *If any of these aren’t true, then you must complete whichever task(s) are necessary to unlock them – primarily keys and supplies. 

To get the keys, complete the quest storyline. *If you’re still stuck, then I’ll show you how to find all of them (see link to my full guide on the game) *One key is required for some side missions – specifically “Escort” and “Deliver”.

 We will be purchasing these keys from one of 3 possible locations. *If you need more than one, then go back to the tower in Old Town and purchase the keys from Jock’s smaller room (on the ground floor).

6.Go to your first fast travel location:

*There are 3 side missions located in the Countryside – “A Shopping Spree”, “A Bump in the Road”, and “The King of Kyrat”. Click on your map to see it zoom out and you’ll be seeing Lake Krin and a few other landmarks to get on your way.

Fast Travel is free, so go ahead and Fast Travel to Lake Krin. *Each side mission is different, but they are all easy to beat. *If you’re having trouble, then I’ll give you tips on how to complete each of the three quests.

7.Find and Kill the Ghoul King:

*They are very easily found – their name is called out in red text on the map to make sure you don’t miss them when you’re close. *They look like normal humans until they rush up to attack you – at which point they turn into a gray-skinned monster with a thick body and long arms that can attack from almost any angle.


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