Have you ever thought about the way people use technology like ​​kash technologytm hoverboard, and what it actually does to the human brain? Maybe you’ve even been guilty of using technology to replace yourself (but who hasn’t?). If so, read on. These 10 principles will help you find a new way of approaching technology in your life.

1. Technology Is a Force for Good

Many people have this idea that technology is neutral and can be used by anyone for any purpose; however, we know that’s not true at all. For example, a recent study found that people who are more afraid of crime tend to use more smartphones. This means that the use of technology is not neutral because it gives people more power over their surroundings. Technology can be used to enhance the lives of people around them or be abused by criminals to steal, intimidate, and stalk them. Furthermore, technology has many benefits like helping us keep in touch with friends and family across the globe, but these benefits usually come at a cost: privacy.

2. Technology Is Not You

You may think that you are in control of how you use technology, but in reality that’s not true at all. The truth is that technology uses humans as its pawns to give us a desired result. We live by their rules and we play their games. We think the rules, thoughts, and ways we act are our own but they’re really not. For example, the wi-fi in today’s society has an enormous impact on our ability to focus on a task (unless you’re reading this article).

3. Technology Is a Conduit to Awareness

If you think about it, our minds are like computers with many input devices such as eyes and ears that take in information from a variety of sources such as other people, TV ads, movies, books, etc., and then process the data through our central processing units (CPUs), or brains. This results in some sort of output from us such as speech or actions. This kind of technology creates a “technium” that is instrumental in shaping our behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs. The technium also has another function: to keep us aware of what we need to know in order to survive. For example, if we had no idea about where our next meal was coming from or whether we could find a safe place to stay at night, we would not have much of a chance of surviving on our own.

4. Technology Affects How You See Yourself

One way that technology affects us is by giving us information about ourselves without actually knowing it. For example, how often do you look at your Facebook profile and realize that all of your friends are living so much better than you? Or worse, maybe they have a bunch of friends and you don’t have any. This can affect the way you think of yourself. Furthermore, it isn’t just social media that has this type of ability. Studies have shown that people who use GPS navigation tend to become more dependent on it over time. They also tend to overestimate their driving abilities when using it even though they really needed it in the first place!

5. Technology Is Not an End in Itself

A lot of people use technology just to get a new high that they cannot get without it. Think of how many people play video games or use their smartphones just because they want to release stress or because they are bored. The problem is that if you turn to technology to fill a void in your life, it will leave you with even more emptiness. The reason for this is that technology is not the source of fulfillment. Rather, it is a conduit that leads us to something bigger and better than ourselves.

6. Technology Is What You Make It

If you’re like most people, then you probably have dreams about what you want your life to be like. For example, maybe you want to find true love and get married or maybe you’re hoping to become rich and famous one day. Well, the truth is that contentment comes from within. If you think about it, all of the things we get in life are just a result of “how good” we are at doing certain activities or tasks. For example, if you want to find true love, then you need to step up your game and be as good at attracting people as possible. If you want to become rich, then you need to learn how to work for it (through hard work) and be motivated (about goals).

7. Technology Is Not a Solitary Activity

Technology is one of the most common forms of entertainment, but it is not the only one. If you grew up in the 1950s and 60s, then you probably played with toys like cars and trucks as well. Today we use technology to express ourselves and have fun together, which brings us back to our point above – it’s all about how good you are at getting things done. However, just because you can see someone or something doesn’t mean that you need to; instead, take your own advice: seek some peace and quiet!

8. Technology Perpetuates Behavior Patterns

One way that technology can keep us from being content is through the behavioral patterns that it creates in us. For example, have you ever seen someone get so immersed in a game that they stop talking, making sounds, and just stare at the screen fixated on winning? This is a behavioral pattern. Another example is how many people who text while driving will say that they know it’s dangerous but do it anyway because it’s something that they do (a habit). One thing to consider about behavioral patterns is what research has found about them: once a habit is formed and then broken, the brain fights back hard to form it again. It wants to go back to its old routine even if it was unhealthy or not good for you.

9. Technology Brings Us Closer to Death

Technology has been around for so long that it is hard to imagine a world without it. Unfortunately, one thing we can be sure of is that the longer something like this exists, the greater the chance of its extinction. Technology can bring people close together in such a way that causes them to live dangerously and even shorten their lives as well as those of others. For example, did you know that many people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol also have a smartphone? Of course not! This just happens because they want technology to keep their addiction alive. The reality is that technology can kill or harm us if we don’t keep ourselves well-informed about it.

10. Technology Is Just a Tool

Many people think that technology is going to bring us salvation when, in reality, it’s just a tool. It’s not going to get rid of all the ills of humanity or make life perfect. In fact, if you think about it, the things we used to do are often things we don’t need as much anymore. For example, if you have an old computer and need a new one, then you will probably not use your old one because it’s old and outdated. It is evident that technology can be harmful or helpful depending on our hearts – instead of being controlled by it to become destructive or too passive and apathetic toward what we want in life.


To summarize, technology has a way of controlling us and keeping us from being content when we use it without thinking about it. There isn’t much we can do about this except be aware of its effects. For example, if you happen to see someone on the phone while driving their car, then you need to say something to them because they are endangering their life as well as those around them. Furthermore, technology can keep us from having fun and being content in the long run if we let it control our lives. Instead, think about how to use technology for good and not just let it rule over you.


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