What is UMDL Software ?

UMDL is the latest innovation in website creation. It is an entirely free website maker that can be accessed globally irrespective of your location, to start off with you will need to register on the site.

What are the advantages of UMDL software?

The benefits of using UMDL are quite substantial in the sense that you will never have to waste your time on technicalities whenever you go to edit, update or publish your web content.

 It is designed and made exclusively for people with little knowledge of website creation and maintenance.

This means that even if you don’t know anything about HTML or CSS, the site creation tools on UMDL will be such that it will help you complete virtually any task on a web page. 

This means that there is no more frustration due to lack of knowledge while creating sites and making the necessary changes in it.

Ways to install UMDL software :

1.You can use a yolasite website builder.

 To create a new web page,and download the plug-in from the Yolasite site.

2.You can also use a yolasite website builder.

 To import a wordpress blog through the plug-in and then edit it on the yolasite dashboard.

3.You can create a blank page on Yolasite .

 Then export your wordpress blog to umdl software  from the plug-in.

4.Copy your URL on wordpress .

 Add it in the box provided in the plugin to add your content from wordpress to umdl.

5. Import the Domain name provided by Yola.

To add your content from wordpress to umdl without going through the hassle of adding your domain name in the plugin everytime.

What to do after installing UMDL Software?

UMDL offers a wide range of tools for designing your website starting from simple headers, footers and menus to editing text contents, colors and fonts.

 The intuitive interface of these tools make it quite easy for anyone including beginners to use them without any assistance or training whatsoever. 

You can start with a blank canvas or import content from other sites like WordPress which is also supported by UMDL for cost-effective publishing. 

The plug-in for WordPress is provided by UMDL which helps in importing and exporting your content from WordPress to UMDL, it also has other nifty features such as Posting directly to UMDL, managing categories and tags for your content etc. 

You can also import your existing blogs in WordPress getting them ready with UMDL without having to re-upload or export it. 

The plug-in also lets you manage your content with ease right from the WordPress admin panel with just a few clicks even though you are working on a separate platform.

UMDL also offers SEO tools to help you optimize your site and make it more visible to search engines.

 There is a keyword tool which helps you find the best keywords for your content based on competition and traffic. 

You can get suggestions for other related keywords and then add them to your content according to the options provided. 

The tool also lets you know the number of searches happening for that particular keyword along with suggestions on where else you can add your content in order to get higher ranking in search engines. 

You can also track the progress of your website and monitor the performance of different campaigns with ease using UMDL’s dashboard.

Why is UMDL software the best ?

UMDL was launched in April 2015 with the aim to provide an effective yet simple solution for website creation and maintenance. 

This platform provides extensive features that are not available in any other free or paid website creator.

 No prior knowledge of HTML or CSS is required to design your site using this tool making it one of the most user friendly online website builders. 

This platform not only creates websites for you, but also helps you promote your brand and get noticed globally. 

UMDL provides its users with an option to install a full-fledged blog on the home page of their new site and is quite easy to make use of even though it does not support plugins like Disqus or contact forms.

A few of the most useful tools in UMDL include file uploader, photo gallery creator, etc. 

The blog sections on this platform lets you add more than one category and maintain multiple tags for easy sorting of your content on the go.

 The SEO plug-in also lets you add meta data for each category and article on your website which makes it easy to find through search engines.


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