The ideal audio editor for your Mac will let you manage your audio files effectively for music composition and production. Also, it can help with your Internet broadcasting career. From inserting or deleting audio clips and recording voiceover files to adding sound and voice effects, a reliable audio editor can help you with everything you need. 

So, here’s a roundup of the most popular free and paid Mac audio editors for 2022. 


Audacity is one of the best free audio editors featuring an intimidating but easy-to-learn interface. It is an open-source product that is consistently updated with new plugins and features. With this audio editor, you can capture new sounds, edit pre-recorded files, stream podcasts and add effects. 

Gsnap, one of the third-party plugins of Audacity, enables users to add autotune effects to their sounds. 

While non-tech-savvy individuals might feel a bit intimidated to navigate the complex visual look of the app’s interface, Audacity is surprisingly user-friendly. For example, the app dedicates a lot of space to showcase your tracks’ waveforms, and there are large buttons for crucial actions like starting or pausing recordings. In addition, the app’s extensive list of features includes undo/redo function, spectrographic analysis, etc. 

n-Track Studio 

n-Track Studio is a digital audio workstation where you can mix music on a Mac. Beginners and professional artists like the software. You can easily record live music using hundreds of effects and plugins. The audio mixer supports stereo surround and allows you to control the tiniest elements in your mix. Regardless of how complicated your music ideas are, you can use the software to create music on the fly from building blocks. Furthermore, third-party VST plugins are supported by a live input music recorder that enables you to experiment with effects in real-time. 

You can use the app free for seven days and purchase the premium version once the trial period is over. 


Beginner artists and non-tech savvy individuals typically find Audacity’s interface slightly intimidating. However, if you share their feelings, you can consider using Ocenaudio and not have to compromise on any of the features. 

Ocenaudio is an open-source platform and stands out for its ability to allow users to preview the effects in real-time. Most software will let you edit the original file, but with Ocenaudio, you can directly adjust the playback parameters. Therefore, when you modify any effect like reverb, you will immediately hear the effects. 

The software works with audio files hosted on cloud servers and the ones stored locally on your device. While some users think the interface is sparse, most appreciate the colorful and clean design. However, if you are planning to modify the files frequently, it would be best to memorize a few of the in-built keyboard shortcuts of the software. Then, you can quickly and efficiently finish your work. 

Wondershare Filmora Video & Audio Editor

Wondershare Filmora Video & Audio Editor is an excellent software for Mac. The software is aimed at users wanting to edit their videos. The program provides professional-quality performance for editing your videos and audio files. Beginner artists will highly appreciate the intuitive interface and price of the program, along with the gentle learning curve. 

Advanced users appreciate the comprehensive features and extensively supported formats, including a music library feature. You can try the program for free and then purchase the premium version to unlock more features. 


Audiotool is another excellent free audio editor for Mac that enables users to create and publish their music tracks. The program is an in-browser platform, and hence, you don’t have to install a local client to access it. A Chrome plugin is available that you can check out. 

Audiotool is an online audio editor that shares a lot of DNS with GarageBand. You can use the editor to record thirty-second segments of sounds as samples. You can then mix these samples with digital instruments using the ones already in-built into the Audiotool system. 

Using Audiotool, you can modify your music tracks and add filters to them from a massive selection of fourteen different effects. You can even create a MIDI controller within the editor or utilize a splitter tool to modify and attenuate your audio signal. 

Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is an audio editor for professionals, and it comes with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from such a high-end audio editor. Unfortunately, the software also comes with a hefty price of $20/mo. 

The software comes with the most extensive music and audio editing toolset. In addition, it supports the most comprehensive range of formats. You will even get tutorials on using the software to get the most from your investment. 

The Bottom Line

These are some of Mac’s best free and paid audio editors worth checking out in 2022. Install them on your device and take your music production and composition to the next level.


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