There are a number of reddit top minds that you should really consider following.

 We’ve compiled a list of the most consistently intelligent subreddits, based on Reddit’s own listings for “Top Subreddits by Unique Visitors”.

In general, there are three different types of subreddits:

1. Subreddits that are populated by a significant number of top minds

2. Subreddits that are populated by a significant number of people that want to become top minds, but haven’t quite made it yet

3. Subreddits that are populated by a large number of people who want to become top minds and actually have the potential to be successful but aren’t quite there yet.

The above list is intended for top mind aspirants who need serious help. You should consider following all three sublists if you’re just looking for interesting content.

Reddit top minds :

1. Technology related – 

Top minds in technology and computer topics, such as software design, data structures, computer security, etc. 

The people here are smart and will give you tons of insight if you dig deep enough. This is the best section to follow if you’re interested in software design or computer security.

2. General science – 

Includes all things scientific, from biology to astrophysics.

 These are all subreddits where people seriously engage in discussions about the universe, which is the best part about Reddit.

This will give you an insight into how scientists think and how they actually use the things that they learn in their jobs on a daily basis.

We tried to keep this list as broad as possible so that you will end up with a good understanding of how advanced society thinks in general.

 Popular topics include biology (evolution, anatomy), chemistry, physics and astronomy. Most of these people also post on r/askscience so if you’re interested in getting advice directly from a scientist or doctor then this subgroup is for you.

3. Humanities –

These are subreddits that pertain to the humanities in general. These include history, sociology, literature and art. 

They’ll give you insight on how different people think and what they value in their daily life. A good rule of thumb is that if it’s a humanities related topic then you should probably follow this subgroup of Reddit.

Many intellectuals (artists, scholars) post on this subgroup as well and it will teach you how to think like them (and possibly how to become one).

4. Sports – 

People who are top of their field in sports will usually post here too because they want advice from other experts. 

It’s an interesting subgroup to follow if sports are your thing and it will introduce you to people at the top of their game.

5. History and culture – 

These subreddits tend to be more casual in their dialogue as they are not usually populated with people who are trying to prove anything or show off their knowledge. 

Instead, you’ll usually get an insight into how regular joes think about historical events or aspects of modern culture (and why). It’s a subgroup where you can just relax and enjoy the conversations that go on here.

6. Business – 

This is a very exclusive subgroup where the people post about their business ventures and how they are going to make millions.

 If you’re looking to build a business or have ideas for a business this is the subgroup for you.

7. Technology – 

A very popular topic on Reddit at the moment, tech topics are always growing and this subgroup will grow as time goes on too.

 This is a great place to learn about technology because it’s not overly technical, it’s generally about the information provided by technology itself, not so much about software code or computer security.

 There are other subgroups that focus on the actual software / security (see above) but this is where people talk about what happens when you use technology and how it affects society.

8. Local –

If you live in a big city then there will probably be a subgroup for local stuff. If there isn’t a subgroup then maybe you should make one! 

Subgroups like these are very useful if you want to get the opinion of people that actually live in your area and they should be used as a way to learn about local history, culture and news events.

9. Fitness and health – 

These subreddits talk about staying fit, achieving health goals, nutrition, dieting and exercise. There is a very high chance that you will learn something new about your body if you’re smart enough to ask the right questions on these subreddits. 

Just like with everything else in life, people who are at the top of their game will generally post on these forums and they will be able to give you extremely valuable information.


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