Games are a fun and entertaining staple in the lives of many people, whether they admit it or not. From Nintendo to Xbox, there are all sorts of games out there to choose from. The problem is that once you’ve played the game and beat it for the umpteenth time, you might be left with nothing else to do. Marin Noggenfogger coin is a student at the University of Texas and he has a way to fill that void. He’s written a book, Five Ingenious Ways To Play Games. Basically it is a list of games that you can do that don’t involve playing the same game over and over again. The games in his book include board games, card games, riddles and even creating new rules to play the game with. 

One of the games that he talks about is creating your own rules. He gives examples of this such as playing blackjack while blindfolded or flipping coins with a group of people to see who gets the most heads out of 10 flips. Basically the game of chance allows you to decide what happens in the game. Since this new found way to play is interactive, it provides all sorts of different ways you can play, so it really doesn’t matter what kind of game you are playing.

Five Ingenious Ways You Can Do With Games :

1. Play to Win

This first game suggestion is a variation on an old arcade favorite. The rules are simple, all you need is a deck of cards, a few dice and some friends. You can play by the rules of regular poker or you can make up your own set of rules but the basic idea is the same. Each player gets dealt 7 cards face down and one card face up which doesn’t count against them. The object of the game is to not be left with any cards by the end of it all and that’s where it gets interesting. If someone has a card lower than yours, you must take it away from them (or vice versa if someone has a higher card).

2. The Best Two Out Of Three

You might know how to play this by its more common name, rock-paper-scissors. The object of this game is simple: pick rock, paper or scissors and hope your opponent doesn’t choose one of those three items as well. If they do then they win and vice versa. The reason three items are used instead of just two is that you have a greater chance of winning in the first round. 

The thing with this game is that you can easily create your own set of rules. The most common rules are to put the same hand twice in a row to nullify it and to not use any fingers other than your thumb, but those are just examples. Of course, if you want to play it by the book, that’s fine too. But what makes this game cool is that you can make up all sorts of different ways to play it and still have fun with it.

3. Treasure Hunt

This game is a variation of hide-and-seek but with a slight twist. Instead of just one person searching for another to play with, everyone gets together and becomes the seeker. The seeker tries to find the other people in the group and refer back to their hiding places. 

If they can get all of them then whoever did it wins but if there are still people left after that then the last person still has their hiding place secret up their sleeve. This game is more interesting because you get to be someone else for a while and act brave when you are playing a part so it’s more fun that way than just acting as yourself.

4. The Hands Down Game

This is a cool variation on an old standby if you are looking for a challenge and if you have some friends who are willing to help. All you need for this game is 6-8 people and some money, poker chips or any other small object that can be folded in half. Each person puts up $2.50 and the person who ends up with all of the money wins. 

5. Darts

If you’re bored with regular darts (and no one would blame you), you can spice it up a little bit and make it a game of chance by making new rules. You can play darts just as you normally would but instead of throwing at the board, you throw at a random object that’s close to where you actually want to hit the target. That makes it more interesting and more difficult to know what to aim for, which adds an element of suspense.


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