Writing and swimming are two things that people either love or hate, but there is really no in between. For those who enjoy both, however, there’s another benefit. Swimming can help you ease your writer’s block! Many people enjoy swimming because it’s a great way to clear their mind and concentrate on something else for a bit. What could be better for the writer than to be splashing around in the water without a care in the world? Do boobs float ? Yes, boobs float. However, if you’re interested in this subject there almost certainly isn’t a woman around to ask.¬†

If you want to know whether or not boobs float and can’t help yourself from asking a woman (or her husband) then the answer is that yes, they do float. But there is no one answer as to why because of all of the different types and shapes of breasts that exist in our world today. As it turns out, this treatment may actually work because of a phenomenon known as synesthesia. Synesthesia occurs when someone experiences one sense with one type of stimulation while simultaneously experiencing stimulation from another sense.

Facts You Never Knew About  Floating :

1. Bacon Can Be Used To Treat Wounds

Let’s be honest. When you found out that bacon could make a great food for breakfast and also be a delicious snack, you thought that bacon probably had some other hidden uses. And it does! If you ever decide to go off the grid and become a survivalist, then you should know that bacon can be used to help treat injuries. It can help prevent infection of wounds because of its antibacterial properties, and might even keep blood from clotting (which is a serious problem when trying to stop bleeding). 

It is not known whether or not this could work in humans because there have been no studies conducted to see if it actually does work. However, it is a common method used in veterinary clinics. So if you ever get a boo boo and don’t have any bacon around, then you should probably find yourself a pig.

2. One In Five House Fires Are Caused By Pets

Many people have pets that they love and would do anything for them. They pamper them and give them the best food and everything else that they could possibly need. Many people even treat their pets better than their humans! However, some people aren’t as careful with their pets as they are other humans. 

It’s been estimated that one in five home fires across the country are started by pets. They can cause fires by knocking things over when they jump around, or even by chewing on electrical cords. The best way to prevent fires caused by your pets is to teach them where it is acceptable for them to play and make sure that anything they could possibly reach up and grab isn’t harmful.

3. Walnuts Can Make You Smarter

Many people are afraid of eating nuts. Children who haven’t been taught that they can be bad can choke on them, and adults often fear that they might have an allergic reaction to them. After all, some nuts aren’t the healthiest things in the world to eat. However, there’s one type of nut that could actually make you smarter. A study was done on walnuts in which participants were asked to feed themselves a diet of walnuts or a diet of nothing but junk food. 

The group that ate only junk food showed little change in their memory and cognitive thinking ability. They didn’t see any improvement at all and there wasn’t a significant increase in their brain activity as well. The group that ate the walnuts, however, showed a huge increase in their brain activity. Their ability to recall information also increased dramatically as well. So if you’re trying to lose weight and/or start eating better, then eating walnuts might be a good way for you to start!

4. Bees From The Same Hive Pick Different Flowers To Pollinate

In order for bees to successfully make honey, they need flowers. A lot of people plant flowers because they think it will make their lawn look great or because it will help the bees make honey and pollinate the area so there will be more flowers. However, you might be surprised to learn that not all bees like the same flowers. 

In fact, individual bees from the same hive have different tastes in flowers and will pick a different flower even if it’s in the same area with similar types of taste. They don’t just do this because they feel like it either. Bees can actually tell which flowers have more resources for pollinating and also which flowers are better to pollinate with no resources. This can be used by gardeners as well as beekeepers so they know which flowers are worth planting or harvesting honey from.


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