Facebook’s TBU meaning is explained here, where it says that it stands for “to be updated”.

 To be updated is when someone has posted something new and you want to know what that post is, so they update it. 

You can do this with a News Feed and you can also do this on your profile.

If you have a Facebook page, online stores or a blog, TBU means “to be updated” so you can check what’s been posted by your friends or in your news stream since you last logged in. 

TBUs are typically used when the person doesn’t want to leave their current page, such as when reading an engaging story or looking at photos.what does tbu mean on facebook ?

The most common use of “TBU” on Facebook is in the context of “to be updated.” 

This term means that the user wants to know what’s been posted by their friend or in their news stream since they last logged in (and may want to log back out).

 TBUs are typically used when the person doesn’t want to leave their current page, such as when reading an engaging story or looking at photos.

Facts related to TBU in context to facebook:

1.TBU stands for “to be updated” .

You can check the latest updates with a click on the home button in your news feed or/and you can simply go to a friend’s page and then press the number of comments under their most recent post.

2.TBU may be interpreted in different ways.

TBU can be interpreted to mean “surrender” or “to back out”. It can also mean to “relinquish” something or “to displace.”

3.TBU can also be interpreted to mean no update at all.

In which case it’s the literal translation of the real Chinese character which means “no update.”

 It can also be seen in a Facebook post that says, for example, that the user wants to check out the TBU change of their friends’ photos.

 In this case it’s possible for them to see either #0 photos or #1 photos depending on when they last logged off.

4.TBU cannot be seen everywhere.

TBU cannot be seen everywhere on Facebook. This is because TBU is a slang term that can only be seen in certain contexts.

5.TBU (“to update”) is not unique to Facebook.

The term “TBU” can also be found in other social media sites, for example, MySpace, Twitter, and Buzzfeed’s main feed. 

Also the term has been viewed on Facebook pages before it was introduced to the site itself.

6.TBU is an idiom.

TBU can be considered an internet slang or an idiomatic term (such as “don’t give up”) that’s used on the internet.

7.TBU meaning can vary with people, places, and situations.

The interpretation of “TBU” meaning varies depending on the context of the user’s Facebook profile, Facebook page or any other site where this acronym (what does tbu stand for) is used.

8.TBU uses are unique.

How people use TBU varies, depending on how it’s used by the poster and the reader. 

However, generally, it is used to convey a sense of urgency or to show interest in something.

9.TBU generally means to update (not often).

The word “update” is used more often than any other word (usually “to be updated”). However, there are still many other different meanings.

10.TBU as a term is as old as Facebook itself.

The term TBU was used on Facebook before it was introduced to the site itself. It was used in a post made on a MySpace page.

11.TBU can be used with other social networking sites.

The term TBU is found in many different social networking websites, such as MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook itself. However, it can be seen in most if not all sites..

12.TBU is not unique to Facebook or used only by that site’s users.

TBU can also be found on other websites that are similar to Facebook, but different from the specific one it is classified under (such as MySpace).

However, notifications about TBU are seen mainly on these sites because of the frequent use of the phrase or acronym by their users themselves.

13.TBU is used to see the updates of the others.

TBU is used to see the updates of others because it can be perceived as an urgent message or a way to check out information before logging out.

14.TBU is often used by people who are extremely bored.

Some people are so bored that they use TBU to try and “surrender” or “relinquish” their accounts, which means that they just want to go away completely until they have recovered enough from being so bored that they want to go away completely.

15.TBU can be used in almost any place.

“TBU” can be used in many different places, but it’s more likely to be found on Facebook than anywhere else because it’s the most popular social networking site.


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