What are Pixel 3 Oled Wallpapers?

Pixel 3 Oled Wallpapers is a free app that can turn your desktop into an OLED TV experience. Watch quality videos, download many free wallpapers that you may not have in your collection, and create as many custom settings as you want. This whole app is so much fun to play with and use every day because it has everything you could ever dream of!

There is no wrong way to use this app, and it is up to you on how you want to customize your desktop. You can make any wallpaper into a full screen, which is great for movies or just getting that movie theater feel. You can have multiple custom set ups of wallpapers and choose which one you want each time the app loads up on your desktop.


1. Create multiple custom setups

2. Add your own personal wallpapers

3. Make the app full screen (works best with movies)

4. Get free wallpapers that are just not available anywhere else in your device

5. Download more free wallpapers and videos that you can use everyday! There is always new content being released. Check back often!

Pixel 3 Oled Wallpapers has everything you could ever think of that a live wallpaper app would have, plus more! There is nothing else like it out there on the app store to date, and you will never be disappointed with this live wallpaper app.



Pinch, Zoom and Tilt your wallpaper to all directions.

-Retina Display Support (240,320 and 480p)

-8 Custom Background Types: Plain, Image Grid, Random Image Grid, Nature, Music Video, Texture Video Textured Wallpaper and Squares TV Wallpaper.

-Multiple Custom Setups are available. You can now have 2 or 3 different backgrounds in different modes like full screen or 2/3 screens half resolutions.

-Customize any wallpaper to be your background.

-Many different high definition wallpapers are available to download. For example:

-Raindrop Wallpaper – Different Settings: Bounce, Bounce More, Bounce 3D, Vibration and 


-Full Screen Wallpapers – Best for Movies and TV Shows.

-Water Wallpaper – Best for Open Water Scenes or Rain Drops/Water Drops Scene:

-Skyline Wallpaper – Best for Skyline Scenes or Cityscapes Screensavers:  Waterfall, Water Fall with Circle Animation, Circle Screensaver and Rain Cloud Screensaver.

-HDR Wallpaper – Best for Snowfall or Starry Night Screensavers:  Flurries, Snowfall, Snowfall with Random Circles, Falling Star and Falling Stars.

-Cloud Backgrounds – Work with all wallpapers: Circle Cloud Screensaver, Circle Cloud Full Screen and Pixel Clouds.

-Many different TV wallpapers are available to download. For example:

-Twitter Wallpaper (Follow @Pixel3Wallpapers on Twitter)

-Texture Video Textured Wallpaper – Download many beautiful videos that will give you the same experience you would have in the theater. 720p Quality available.


-Easily change the background by loading one of your own photos or videos.

-Pick a custom wallpaper. Add sound and gestures to it.

-Connect to external media through USB or WiFi to choose your images as well.

-Connect to Dropbox and Google Drive if you have their apps on your iPhone/iPad.

-Backup and Restore Wallpapers and Settings from previous versions of Pixel 3 Oled Wallpapers.

-Unlock Settings for use with other apps, even those not made by me! (Only when you buy this app, sorry. 🙁 )

-Perfect for music videos, sports, TV shows and live wallpapers!

-One of the most downloaded free app in the App Store.

-Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad 1/2/3 and iPod Touch 3rd generation.


-Needs iOS 5 or later to work. iOS 4 users can get it to work but has some issues: http://bit.


-iOS 8/9 users probably won’t like this app since it will not work properly. 

-iCloud service is required: find out how to install it here: http://bit.

-This app is always being updated to include new content and receive bug fixes.

-Sometimes your wallpaper won’t show up (occurs sometimes)

-There are reports in the reviews that this app has crashed and needs refreshing. Try refreshing the App Store first before writing a review, because when you do, the review button is grayed out anyways.

-I’m always updating more free goodies, new wallpapers, videos and much more.

-If you want to change the look of the app, click on settings and it will tell you what colors are available to use for your wallpaper.

-There is no way for me to tell you how much space you will take up in your device with this app, but it really depends on the size of your screen resolution. (For example: HD Retina Display can have twice as much images as 480p)

-You can only use each wallpaper once unless purchased separately.


-Wallpapers: FREE!

-Videos (Ads Free): $1.99 to buy

-Videos with Ads (+$3.99): $3.99 to buy

-Wallpapers with Ads (+$2.99): $2.49 to buy

-Downloads: $0.99 to buy

-Interval Wallpaper (Ads Free – 1 Day): $1.


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