Besides their beauty and fragrance, flowers are essential in people’s lives. Flowers create a particular atmosphere, expressing feelings or moods necessary to match the occasion. In Singapore, sending flowers forms a crucial part of people’s life. In fact, gifting flowers is among the age-old tradition of Singaporeans to show their warm reception and has a steep meaning in the culture.

This guide will show you how to select the right flowers for significant occasions such as birthdays, weddings, or hospital visits to show your Singaporean friends you mind them. 

Birthday flowers

When buying birthday flowers, consider those that express the feeling of happiness, and appreciation, and capture the atmosphere of wishing a person success and a fruitful future. Gerbera daisies are one of the preferred birthday flowers because, in many cultures, they symbolize cheerfulness and loyal love. In Singapore, birthday flowers and bouquets such as pink and purple everlasting hot air balloons and euphoria are among the top birthday flowers. For more information on birthday flowers visit

Wedding flowers

Many people find it confusing when choosing the type of flowers to pick for a wedding. Obviously, you want to gift a flower hamper that shows love. One of the most suggested flowers for a wedding gift is the flowering cactus. Yes, the flowering cactus depicts the feeling of love and endurance, which are some common features in marriage. In marriage, couples experience a variety of obstacles; therefore, you need flowers that capture this expression, and no flowers do it better than the flowering cactus.

Grand Opening Ceremony

Grand opening events are characterized by a warm, cheerful, and vibrant atmosphere. Therefore, you need to choose flowers that can match and enhance this atmosphere. Orchids are one of the most elegant and favorite flowers for grand openings. Orchids symbolize beauty, happiness, grace, and positivity. Other alternative flowers to orchids for the opening ceremony include but are not limited to sunflowers, tulips, and marigolds.


Anniversary is one of the crucial occasions that many folks hold dear to their heart. Anniversaries trigger special memories and strong emotions that people never want to forget. Therefore, pick flowers capable of triggering these special memories. One of the popular anniversary flowers is the forget-me-not flower. These tiny sky-blue flowers symbolize true love and respect and act as a promise that you will remember and keep. Gifting someone the forget-me-not flowers during their anniversary shows will always have a special place in your heart.

Get well soon

When visiting a sick person, choose flowers that induce feelings of happiness and prompt a smile. When buying get well soon flowers, consider an assortment of unscented flowers. The fragrance of scented flowers may have a negative impact on other patients. Some of the recommended get well soon flowers are tulips, irises, or gladioli. 

Though selecting the right flowers for each occasion is an essential step, other factors such as choosing the best and most reliable flower delivery services are central to your event. In Singapore, punctuality is vital. You need to work with efficient flower delivery services that have a support team 24/7 to ensure your flowers are on time for the occasion.


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