If you’re looking for the best apps to help you view, edit and create PDFs on your Android device, then check out these top picks for the best app of 2015. There are over 20 different PDF viewing apps and also pdf share thread on Google Play today, but these 9 stand out from the pack in terms of features and usability.

Have you heard of PDF.com? It’s a site dedicated to helping everyone to read, organize, and share their digital documents. It’s one of the best PDF apps on the market (and has been for years)!

• PDF Viewer(free)

This is a simple and easy-to-use app that lets you view, open and create PDF files on your Android device. You can download the app for free or upgrade to the pro version for a reasonable amount (the pro version lets you upload PDF files, view password protected PDF files, page by page mode, change the display mode and more).

This app rarely lets me down. It works straight out of the box and is easy to use. Definitely one of the best. You can also add annotations and insert your own notes. You can adjust the font size and zoom in or out within the app. The text annotation tools include drawing lines, boxes, arrows, and paperclips!

• pdfMerge(free)

This app is designed to help you merge several PDFs together into one document in seconds. You can also split documents into two or more PDF files. You can add, remove and rearrange the pages of your document in seconds using Combine PDF.  This app works well with most PDFs.

• Foxit PhantomPDF(free)

This app is great for viewing, creating, filling and editing PDF forms on your Android device. It allows you to view pages as thumbnails so that you can find the one you want quickly and easily. You can also use the advanced search feature to find specific text within a document in moments. This app lets you fill out any form by highlighting fields on the page, typing your information directly into those fields and signing in one tap with your finger or a stylus pen. This app is free to download.

• WPS Office(free)

This app is a multipurpose office suite, which offers a PDF Reader along with other productivity tools all in one place. You can browse, create and edit PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations on your Android device. This app also features an integrated PDF player.

Vehicle Online

• Foxit PhantomPDF(free)

This is another top-notch PDF reader. It offers a simple interface that lets you add annotations like text boxes and highlights to the pages of a document that you create or edit using the app’s built-in tools (the S Pen on Samsung devices works especially well with this app). This app also lets you fill out any form, sign it and send it back to the world in mere seconds.

• Adobe Acrobat Reader for Android(free)

This app offers the best compatibility with Adobe PDFs. You can edit text and add annotations within a page of a document. The app also offers an auto-save feature that allows you to resume editing your PDF right where you left off when you’re ready to finish your work. It’s compatible with all versions of Adobe PDFs as well as Google documents and other formats like Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and URLs.

• PDF Expert(free)

This is one of the most popular PDF apps available on Google Play today. It’s a feature-rich app that lets you view, edit and annotate any PDF on your Android device. The app also offers password protected PDF support, note taking and many more advanced tools.

This app works great for editing PDFs on Android and can also handle other formats like Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. It also has a built-in PDF player that you can use to play your documents from within the app!

• Xodo(free)

This is another powerful PDF viewer for Android devices that offers the ability to open, create, edit and fill out any PDF form on your device. You can also add annotations to any document with this useful tool. This app is free to download and use.

• Foxit MobilePDF(free)

This is relatively new to Android, but it’s one of the best PDF editing apps available on Google Play. It’s a useful tool that lets you create PDFs and edit them using your favorite Android device. This app supports annotations, signatures and stamps, which makes it easy to get documents back in time for important meetings. You can also fill out forms by highlighting appropriate fields and typing new information into those fields in just seconds!


As you can see, there are many great options out there when it comes to PDF apps. These are often the best ways to view, edit and fill out forms on your Android device. If you like working with PDFs in general, then I highly recommend that you check one or a combination of these apps out for yourself!


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