A lot of Stardew Valley players like to name their farms and the buildings on it. The Stardew Valley community forums has a thread that is dedicated to farmer’s farm names

It includes some creative and funny names as well as some cleverly funny ones. We have compiled a list of what we believe are the best farm names people can name their farms in Stardew Valley.

 Some of our personal favorites stardew valley farm names include “The Vampire Duck Farms” and “Crawdad Lake”.

List of best Stardew Valley farm names:

1. The Vampire Duck Farms (by Gristle)-

 Everyone knows that poultry are the best thing to use in a farm. This is a pun on the fad of feeding ducks with your hands, usually for entertainment purposes.

 Unfortunately, in this case, it is because farmer Gristle’s wife had been turned into a vampire and he needed to put her into stasis until they found an antidote.

2. Hemorrhage (by chibisuke)- 

This name came from the word “hemorrhage” and was likely inspired by playing this game with friends who also love to farm.

3. Spring Lane (by DEATHCLUTCH)-

This farm name came from a map feature in the game that leaves a path of lavender flowers on the ground when you walk through it. 

The name was inspired by both the fact that this map feature is called “Spring Lane”, and also because it sounds like something simple, like a street or a boulevard.

4. His Little Duck Pond (by magic_dan)-   

 It’s an inside joke between Magic_dan and his friend who happen to both be called Dan. The name references the cliché duck pond in front of every house (seen below).

5. Wendigo Ranch (by Jump-Link)-

The name comes from a monster that is encountered. A wendigo refers to a spirit who devours humans in the myths of some Native American tribes.

6. Nightfall Acres (by Chronoskyl)- 

Named after a vampiric creature that is seen in Stardew Valley, the nightfall acroym comes from the fact that this particular farm (below) is on the West side of a mountain range, and therefore gets great coverage from the sun.

7. The Golden Trove (by Chronoskyl)-

This name was inspired by an item called a “golden apple”. The name came from how many gold items are seen on this farm.

8. Sweet Dreams (by mnementh)-

A “dream” is another word for an “intention”, as well as a state of rest or unconsciousness. Thus the farm name “Sweet Dreams” means that this farm will create happy dreams.

9. The Barn (by mnementh)- 

The barn is a traditional building structure in a farming setting, so the name sounds like it should be placed on a farm. The source of inspiration is the barn on Donald Trump’s golf course .

10. Dueling Duck Farms (by dark_omnidas)-

 The name is a pun on the French film, “The Matrix Reloaded”. The two farms are named “Pokémon Dueling” and “Wario Wario”.

11. Wario Wario (by dark_omnidas)-

This farm name is a pun on the name of the video game character, Wario. The gold plated farm is seen below to illustrate the fact that “Wario” “Wario” sounds like “Golden”.

12. Pokemandu (by Jump-Link)-

 The name came from a Pokémon website called “Pokemandu”.

13. Trump’s Barn (by Magic_dan)- 

 It’s an inside joke between Magic_dan and his friend who happen to both be called Dan. It’s a reference to Donald Trump’s barn on one of his golf courses, shown below.

14. Slow and Steady (by dark_omnidas)- 

The name refers to the phrase, “Slow and Steady Wins the Race”, to show how long it may take for the player’s farm to achieve great success. 

The picture below shows what could be a nightmarish depiction of a snail that has been turned into a monster. It kind of personifies the slow and steady aspect of this farm name. 

15. Crop Dusting Flying Pigs (by Jump-Link)- 

 This farm name is a pun on crop dusting, which is spraying pesticides on crops from an airplane; flying pigs are another video game pun that alludes to Super Mario Bros..

16. Sunken Treasure (by Chronoskyl)- 

The idea behind this farm name is that the player will be a long time before they get enough in-game money to buy a ranch upgrade that would allow them to access the sunken treasure. The name comes from an anagram for “Sunk” and “Treasure”. 

17. Vault Dank (by dark_omnidas)- 

This farm name is a pun on “dank” meaning crisp and fresh in marijuana terms, but also dirt.

 The name originated in the 1990s, yet it is still very popular today (seen below). Many people found this farm name funny and clever.

18. Slow Goings (by Chronoskyl)- 

“Slow Goings” is a reference to how it might take a long time before success happens to the player’s farm. 

The image shows an old pickup truck in a lake of water. The truck gets stuck in the lake, then illuminates with firefly fairy lights as if dawn has come just as the truck sinks into the lake. The source of inspiration for this farm name is “Highway To Hell”. 


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