You’re heading to a music festival this summer. These days, there’s a lot of pressure to get it right and make sure that you’re having the best time possible. There are so many things to consider and so much going on, it can be overwhelming at times. With some help from these tips, there is no reason why your trip to a music festival like 2016 essence music festival won’t be as unforgettable as you imagined! Here are some valuable tips for having an amazing time at your favorite concert this summer!

1) Pack Lightly

– Consider bringing essentials like food, water, sunscreen and cash in a small backpack rather than those gigantic ones with all of your stuff inside them. This will make it easier to take a quick look at the items that you have and to find what you’re looking for at any moment.

– Consider bringing items like insect repellent, whistle spray, bandanas and small trash bags in your bag if you plan on camping.

– If there’s a long line for food or bathrooms, consider bringing lots of the above along with a small cooler. You can set it up on the ground in front of a designated line and then chow down without even removing your shoes!

2) Pack Wisely

– If you’re planning on sleeping at the festival, pack as light as possible or, especially when participating in all of those night walks around, bring very little at all.

– Bring your most important items in one backpack and try to limit the amount of belongings you bring with you.

3) Socialize

– If you’re part of a large group of people, stick together, but take the time to get to know those people in your group. You may not even realize how much you’ve missed them until you spend a bit more time with them at the festival.

– Try to stick near those that are part of your “buddy groups” as often as possible and make sure that everyone has space when hanging out together.

– Most importantly, hang out with everyone else. Having a more open attitude will make you have a more positive experience.

4) Plan Ahead

– Create a schedule of events and shows that you will try to attend, but be open to exploring new genres of music while you’re there. You never know what interesting stuff you might find and really get into!

– You can download the official app for the festival in advance or use Google Maps or any other sort of mapping service to figure out exactly where your favorite acts are performing.

– If your cell service is going to be spotty, consider planning out a few important phone numbers for a friend, just in case. AT&T is known for having better reception, so take advantage if possible.

5) Pace Yourself

– Many festivals are three days long and there is plenty of time to see it all, so try not to rush your first walk around. Overall, the most successful festival-goers are those that pace themselves by spending more time relaxing than rushing from stage to stage.

6) Party Responsibly 

– People from all over the world come together in celebration of music at these events and it is often late at night after a few drinks that trouble starts. People tend to get rowdy and should try to be as respectful as possible or even consider camping with people they know to avoid trouble.

7) Enjoy the Festivities 

– Music festivals provide a great opportunity for fans and artists alike to have a good time together. Whether you’re a fan of the performers or are just looking to meet new people, you’ll never have to worry about having fun!

– Many festivals also have a wide variety of activities, rides and vendors that allow fans and artists alike to enjoy themselves. You don’t have to follow the schedule and you don’t have to see every show, so pick your favorite acts and go meet them in between shows with some friends!

8) Respect the Festival Grounds

– Most festivals are provided with secure fences and all sorts of security measures to ensure guests’ safety. Make sure to keep your belongings safe by keeping them on you at all times.

– Enjoy the grounds, but make sure that you clean up after yourself and remember to pick up any trash around your campsite and dispose of it properly.

– Make sure that you do not damage any property or throw anything onto the stage. This will only ruin it for everyone else.

9) Guard Your Belongings 

– There are plenty of ways for people to spend money at music festivals, so don’t let thieves get a piece of it.

– Cell phones are a popular target for thieves, so keep yours on your person at all times. You won’t have to worry about your phone disappearing if you can keep it within reach!

– Consider staying somewhere like a hotel or hostel on the night before the festival so that you don’t have to worry about theft in the campsite.

10) Follow Security Guides 

– Security is typically very strong at music festivals and they will be able to help you out with any problems that come up. Make sure that you follow their instructions and listen to everything they say carefully.

Conclusion of the article:

All of these 10 tips should help you have the best time possible at any music festival. Don’t forget to pack for your summer music festival, it will make all the difference! To be prepared for your next visit to a music festival, check out our selection of the best backpacks for festivals on our website.

A great tip for going to a music festival with friends is definitely stick with one friend and meet up with the rest at the festival, so you can all have a great time together. Keep in mind those things listed above and you’ll have a great time.


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