We live in a world of rapidly expanding information, and as such, content syndication is more competitive than ever. With the major social media providers now as well as traditional sites like Google and Bing indexing content, we’ve developed a society wherein we can’t find enough information. We consume so much data that we’re often unproductive because it’s difficult to process and synthesize all of this knowledge.

Many best link building agencies and individuals struggle to get in touch with their audience or site visitors. However, content syndication is a powerful tool that can help every type of company or website get the attention they need.

Below are seven, actionable tips to help you conquer the content syndication landscape.

1. Find The Right Keywords To Target

Keywords, keywords, keywords! I can’t stress enough how important they are. You need to know the type of keywords that your audience is using when searching for the solutions to the problems they’re facing. 

The key here is to find keywords that have not only a high search volume but also a low competition level (i.e., only a few people use them and not many websites are targeting these long-tail keywords).

One of the best ways to find these keywords is through Google AdWords. From the Keywords tab, you can see a list of keywords that have the highest search volumes and the lowest competition levels. I’ve also created a spreadsheet that you can download from here to help you analyze this data.

2. Use The Right Keyword Research Tool

After you have found the right keywords, it’s important to use an effective keyword research tool so that you can find all of your target keywords in one place. These tools allow you to search for long-tail as well as short-tail keywords across various categories. The reason I prefer the Long Tail Pro keyword research tool is because it helps me narrow down my search results to only those related to my niche. I can also create lists of keywords which helps me manage my budget.

3. Create A Compelling Title

A good title will make the difference between a good article and an original article. When you create your article, it’s important that you have all of the keywords in your title so that Google and Bing can easily find them. 

You want all of this information in the title so that it grabs the reader’s attention right away and provides him with information he’s looking for right away. Use short and catchy titles that are descriptive but not too long.

4. Build A Content Delivery Network That Promotes Article Links

When you promote content, you need to get in front of people that are going to click it. You can do this by building up a network of websites and social profiles that are ready to accept your content. This means you need to create a website and social profiles for each piece of content so that they can be easily shared (i.e., either embedded on another site or shared on social media).

5. Use Social Media Profiles To Promote Content Syndication In The Moment It’s Published

When you promote your article right after it’s published, you get exposure right away. Social media profiles can do this quickly and easily. You can use them to link directly to your article while building up a network of people that are ready to promote it. To do this, you either create a website or share your article on social media by using buttons that lead straight to the content.

6. Use Tweets To Link To Your Content Syndication

Twitter is one of the most powerful ways to promote content syndication as it’s used by hundreds of millions of people every month and is also owned by a company that wants to gain more traffic from their users (i.e., Google). 

It’s important for you as well as your clients to know that Twitter can be used for this purpose. When you use Twitter to promote content syndication, you want to use the content’s URL and include a link that says something like: “Check out this article! <Your Link>”

7. Use Google+ To Promote Content Syndication

When you promote your article by using the +1 buttons on Google+, you can benefit from the social proof that it provides. This button gives people the feeling that others have read your article and also helps them get more exposure for their content syndication. It also allows clients to see if other people are interested in their content.


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