Training software like trainual saas 27m series altos is the most important part of your early career and needs to be handled with care. There are different ways to make the software better, but only if you know a few secrets. If you want to excel in training softwares, use these 8 techniques!

1. Do the Math

Whenever you get training software, look at how much money the owner can get from you. 

2. Calculate the hourly wage of your trainer

You want to know how much money your trainer will earn from each hour. 

3. Calculate your hourly rate

Your trainer earns a certain amount of money each hour. Look at how much time he spends for each class. Each hour he spends is worth the amount he earns from that class. There are 8 hours of training each day. This means that your trainer earns this much from each hour:

4. Find out if the trainers are paid well or badly

After you get this, you can easily find out if the trainer is paid well or badly. Suppose you have a trainer that only makes $15/hour and you paid him $90. Now $15/hour / 90 hours = one dollar per hour. Obviously there is some margin, but let’s say you pay much more than your trainer can earn. This is a bad thing, because you have to spend quite some money to keep him.

5. Now, compare these two numbers

Find out how much your trainer gets paid for an hour of training. Then, compare it to the owner’s hourly wage. If your trainer earns more than twice as much as you, then he is probably paid really well for using his intelligence to trick you into buying his course or product. If the trainer doesn’t earn that twice as much, he is still earning more than your average salary (e.g. 50k, 60k, 70k etc.).

6. Ask the trainer if he is paid well or badly

You need to make sure that the trainer is getting paid well, otherwise you would be paying for his mistakes and mistakes are inevitable. To find out if your trainer is getting paid well or not, use this formula. If he doesn’t earn double your salary, ask him how much he earns to use his brains to trick you into buying anything.

7. Use the words that you hate in trainings

(e.g., “It’s not going to be that difficult for you to learn this”)

This one is really powerful and will work almost every time! You should do this at least 3 times on every training interface of weak trainers. If it works for you, then it’s a bad trainer! If it doesn’t work on you, then the trainer must be a good one (maybe).

8. Ask the trainer how much he gets paid

If he tells you that he doesn’t get paid, then you should immediately report him to the nearest authorities! This will clear the air and give you a good answer. You want to know what kind of income your trainer earns from his trickery. This method is available in almost every training software.

9. Find out how many people are interested in learning this

This will give you a good idea about how much your trainer earns from you. If the number of people increases, then he has done well. If it doesn’t change, then he is still earning really well but not as much as he should be. You want to know how much people are willing to pay for this training, so that you can make an evaluation for yourself about this training technique or product. Using these steps, you can calculate the number of interested people:

10. Calculate the price per customer

You need to know what your customers get from using your product or course . To calculate this, use this formula:

And that’s it! These are quick ways to evaluate a training software. There are many other ways to do it, but these 8 secret techniques are the cake! Make sure to use these 8 secret techniques in every training software of yours and you will receive the gains in training softwares !

How To Use These Secret Techniques?

You can apply these techniques to check every trainer before purchasing or signing up for a training program. This is really powerful and will help you save a lot of money by making good choices about your trainer. So that’s how you can use these 8 secret techniques – calculate, ask, check and evaluate. Before you sign up for any training program, do this before buying. I have also made some videos that can help you with these techniques. 


These 8 secret techniques will help you evaluate training softwares in a simple and effective way. They are the best weapons to use when you buy training software. Try them out, because they are really useful!

(One last time: You can use these 8 secret techniques to evaluate every trainer before buying, signing up for or even when you have already joined a training program.)

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Thank you for reading this article and I hope that these tips will help your career as an early career trainer.


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