What is Retro Fitness Babylon ?

Retro Fitness Babylon is a gym that has amazing retro equipment. It has a 1980s feel and the classes are made to look like you’re stepping back in time. The workouts are intense and give you the same high as Retro Fitness Volta, but with a more classically ’80s feel.

Why should I choose “Retro Fitness”?

The reason people might choose Retro Fitness is because they want to experience the ’80s or they’re looking for a unique workout that’s not found anywhere else.

Advantages of using “Retro Fitness”:

There are several advantages of using Retro Fitness. The gym has an authentic 80s feel with a dash of disco. This will get your heart pounding, increase oxygen in your blood and help you lose weight. You’ll be experiencing an intense workout like no other at this gym and you’ll look like a million bucks while doing it.

How do they all differ?

The workouts in Retro Fitness are intense, but you’ll be doing them with a more disco-esque feel. All of the classes are done at the same speed and you will get the same great results as each other one. The classes look like they would have been done in the 80s and there will be some great music playing in the background to help you get pumped up.

What’s included?

The workout includes a warm-up and stretching where the instructor will show you how to stretch properly. Then, your body will be worked out from head to toe. After that, there is an insane core workout that covers areas from your knees to your chest and arms. The abs, thighs and arms are worked with a great amount of intensity. The total body workout is followed by a stretching and cooling down period.

This is the best type of workout because the cardio, strength and flexibility all work together to give you an all-in-one awesome experience. If you’re looking for a good cardiovascular workout that also increases your strength, this would be the best choice. The next thing to look at would be how amazing it makes you look when you’re done sweating in the gym. Sitting down right after a class will reveal how fat-burning your body gets as well as how toned your muscles get after doing it for an hour.


• Incredible music

• Class time: 1 Hour

• Full body workout

• Great for all levels, but beginners should start with a lower impact class. It’s very intense.

What does it cost? 

This is a very good cardio class and for $14 you’ll get a great workout that will leave you dripping sweat. For those that have more to spend, there are classes in the higher price range and they still have a great retro feel to them. You can also buy your own machine and bring it and your workout clothes to the gym for class, at an additional charge of $5 per visit per person.

What’s the staff like? 

Some of these people have been there for several years. They’re hard working and dedicated to giving you the best workout possible. There’s also an authentic ’80s vibe that runs through the gym and you’ll feel like your living in a movie or dream as soon as you walk in.


There are tons of advantages of Retro Fitness:

• You’ll get a full-body workout that also helps you relax and burn fat.

• There’s a retro feel to the whole gym.

• It’s one of the only gyms in town with an authentic ’80s feel that’ll keep you coming back for more. This is especially true if you lived through it or are interested in this part of American history.

• You’ll still be getting a high intensity workout, but will feel like you’re reliving the era and having fun in the process.

• By the time you leave, your hands will be sore and you’ll have a big smile on your face.

• You’ll feel like a million bucks when you leave and won’t want to sit down anytime soon.

With all these advantages, it’s really no wonder why this gym has so many people visiting it on a regular basis. There are plenty of people that still love the look and feel of the ’80s and it’s presented perfectly at Retro Fitness Babylon. The classes are fun, intense and have an upbeat feel to them that will get your blood pumping as soon as you walk in.


• If you’re looking for a more free weight style of workout, then this probably isn’t right for you.

• Be aware that this is an intense workout and should only be attempted by those that are in good shape.


“Retro Fitness is a great gym which I would highly recommend if you’re like me and are interested in the ’80s. It’s an intense workout and I was sore for the first couple days, but it got better later on. There are several classes to choose from and all of them run at the same time. The instructors were very fit and had some really cool dance moves during class.


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