What is Gbcn Health and Fitness?

You may not have heard of Gbcn Health and Fitness, but if you live in the Queens area, this well-known gym is sure to be on your radar. Our goal at Gbcn is to offer a personalized fitness program that will get you results in the most fun and effective way possible.

Things to find on their site:

There are many educational resources available through our site that will help you take your fitness goals one step further. Whether you’re looking for information about our training methods or just how to start feeling healthier today, we’ve got it all covered! You’ll also find a blog full of health tips from our certified trainers as well as some recipes.

What is Gbcn’s philosophy?

At Gbcn we are all about empowering our clients and taking back their lives. Our mission is to help you achieve the body you truly desire through gradual, long-term transformations. Through achieving milestones of success, we can all be proud of what we have accomplished together!

Who are their trainers?

Gbcn offers a team of highly skilled fitness & wellness professionals that know how to get results! Whether that means losing 20 lbs or building muscle, our trainers will work with you to achieve your goals.


Gbcn is the brand of Queens-based Tony and Dana Bailey who, in 2010, began helping people change their lives through the power of fitness. Today they continue to build on their success with the help of over 400 clients.

Contacting Gbcn:

For more information about Gbcn Health & Fitness please visit http://www.GbcnFitness.com and follow them on Twitter at @GBCNHealth and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/gbcnfitness/. To find out about upcoming events or for a free consultation call 1-888-616-9678 ext 1 or email [email protected] for more information about Gbcn Health & Fitness .

The following is a review from one of their online clients:

After having been 20 lbs heavier for 10 years and with my knees starting to give me trouble, I wanted to get back in shape once & for all. I heard about Gbcn Health & Fitness through a friend who had also been very satisfied with their service. My husband and I called them up & spoke to Tony. He was very informative, professional & personable. He answered all of our questions, told us how we could work out with the fitness training that they offer, he even brought out samples of the workout gear they have! Tony put together a plan for me which included not just yoga but kickboxing as well. I started out 2 times a week, soon I added a third session of kickboxing and now I go 5 days a week. Tony is very patient with me, he pushes me hard and always cheers for me when I do something right!

The results: 

In just one year I lost 35 lbs, got my knees back to normal & lowered my cholesterol by 10 points! Overall I feel great, I sleep better at night, my energy levels throughout the day are higher & more even-keeled. My husband dropped over 30 lbs as well.

To make this review complete, I thought I’d let my friends & family know how I feel! My mother-in-law is a nurse, my husband is a doctor, and both my father & brother are fitness trainers. One of the things they all noticed right away was how much better I was sleeping at night. When I had talked about the plan to them at dinner one night, they asked me if I had put down a weight loss pill or supplement. When I told them that it wasn’t any pill or supplement but instead just using their gym time, they all said that it would be really good for me not to have to put pills down for my health as well as for weight loss. The next day I told my husband that his family was way too smart for me!


1) They are friendly & personable.

2) They are flexible & will work with you to accomplish your goals.

3) They will listen to your needs and wants as well as best meet them.

4) They come with a lifetime guarantee! If you aren’t satisfied with their service, you can discontinue working out with them at any time.

5) The equipment is top of the line, the gym is super clean, there is great music playing, they have a really nice locker room and showers to make you feel good after a workout!

6) They are right here in Queens at the end of the 7 train! Train ride from Manhattan: 20 minutes.

7) The fact that they are a family run business with a staff of over 400 people and still really know & care about each & every one of them is an added bonus.

8) They have done amazing things for my husband and I as well as other friends that have joined the Gbcn Training Club. We would never go anywhere else for our training needs!

9) They are all certified by the American College of Sports Medicine!

10) Their method is fantastic, their workouts are fun, effective & progressive.


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