Looks like WoW fans should expect massive changes with the upcoming major expansion. It is not yet clear when to expect the release of the new expansion, but enough is already known about it, which makes veterans of the game look forward to the release date. 

So far, we know about several major changes. We will be able to delve into a new story, ride new mounts, learn how to craft items, see improved graphics, enjoy an improved user interface and HUD, and most importantly, enjoy a new race and class. 

In terms of races and classes, players have not received something fresh and completely different for a long time. However, soon everything will change. We expect a lot of changes and new experiences. The surprising combination of race and class is of undisguised interest. That is why we will reveal everything that is known about the abilities, their backstory, unique traits, and much more. 

The Pre-Patch event 

Fortunately, players who had already pre-ordered the new expansion will soon be able to learn a little more about what’s in store for them by taking part in the Pre-Patch event. By participating in this event, you will be able to get acquainted with this amazing new race and class. 

A new race can be chosen as soon as you want to start creating a new character. The interesting thing is that this race and class are interconnected with each other. Already starting from the fifty-eighth level, you can choose this class of heroes. Although up to this level, everyone will be able to explore and discover talents, reveal class abilities, and much more. 

Dragons have a long history that players will need to get familiar with. The new zone, which will be available in the expansion, was once the home of dragons. Deathwing the Destroyer established it as a place to train his best fighters. Overnight, the dragons had to leave their home to go to protect other territories. 

Since then, nothing has been heard of them. However, it seems that serious new problems are brewing in Azeroth. Now the dragons must return here to save their home. These beings are alien to the new world, just as the new world is alien to them. We can already say that we have an exciting adventure ahead of us. 

Features of race and class 

You can only become the Evoker if you choose a new race. This is due to the class traits associated with the use of wings for flight, as well as dragon energy. 

The new race will get some abilities. The first one is Wing Buffet. The second ability is Tail Swipe. Both abilities allow you to effectively fight enemies. 

The new class has two new specializations: Preservation and Devastation. The first is typical for healers, and the second allows you to deal powerful damage. 

The number of new resources will also increase as the new race and class will use the new resource type. It’s called Essence. Such a resource tends to recover (not immediately, but over time).  

The Evoker can use spells and magic that are common to all available dragon flights. This means that they will be able to cast all sorts of spells that differ in color (black, red, bronze, and other). 

By choosing the Devastation specialization, your class will use both blue and red spells. The first spells help you focus on a single target, and the second spells help you deal powerful damage. 

By choosing the Preservation specialization, you will be able to use both bronze and green spells. Green spells help restore the character’s health. Bronze spells, in turn, are needed to speed up the healing process. In addition, such spells can also be used to go back in time to reduce the impact of harmful effects, as well as enhance those spells that help heal faster.  

Flexible class abilities 

The new class will receive flexible abilities that will come in handy during fierce battles with opponents. The new ability is called Empower. Such an ability will be characteristic not only for the Evoker, but also for other classes, but they will not be able to get it right away. 

The character will be able to use this ability to increase the effect of the spell or to increase the damage dealt. This means that you will be able to increase the range, achieve a longer effect, and also increase the strength of the spell used. 

Many players would like this to be usable in existing expansions such as Shadowlands, especially during Mythic dungeons. Fortunately, you can take advantage of the WoW Mythic Carry, which will unlock valuable new equipment for you, as well as useful loot. 

The Evoker will be able to cast different duration spells. For example, if you want to defeat an enemy that is low on health, you can use a one-second spell to kill him. If you are fighting a lot of enemies, then you can use a three-second spell that will help you quickly kill them all.  

Another feature of the new class is that you will be able to use the dragon’s breath as a weapon. The more charges you have of this ability, the more area your fire can cover and the more damage you can inflict on enemies. 


The new race will come in 2 forms. During the fights, your character will turn into a dragon. Outside of combat, your character will have a humanoid appearance. 

At the time of creation, many settings will be available for each player to change the appearance of the character. You will be able to customize the appearance of both forms. Skin color, body size, various decorations, hair color, and scale color will be available for change. 


The new expansion delights players even before it’s released. It will be a new breath of fresh air for players around the world, as massive changes are coming that everyone has been dreaming about for a long time. The new race and class will receive unique features, so get ready to transform into a dragon that can strike opponents with its wings and fiery breath. 


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