Mesa, an Arizonan city that is part of the charmingly called Maricopa County, is bordered by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. It is the third-largest city in Arizona, following Phoenix and Tucson, and is home to over 400,000 people. Additionally, it has the highest population density in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area’s East Valley. Mesa is filled with numerous museums, works of art, hiking activities, and exquisite cuisine and drink. Everyone will find something to enjoy in this city, whether you like the dry atmosphere of the settlers or the wetlands that drew residents here to pan for gold. So, to plan your trip, visit vacation rentals Mesa, AZ.¬†

Here are the top 6 activities you can enjoy in Mesa:

1. Take a hot air balloon trip to the clouds.

Taking a hot air balloon ride and gliding through the skies while admiring the city from above is a dream. Mesa is situated in the Sonoran Desert, so you can feel like you are in the middle of nowhere and losing perspective. Due to the abundance of businesses in Mesa that provides hot air balloon adventures, anyone may now soar majestically over the desert and receive a bird’s eye perspective of the city and its surroundings while looking over through the whole of Az.

2. Enjoy some of the local cuisines.

Mexican cuisine is undoubtedly a staple in Arizona, and Mesa is no exception. Walk down Main Street and make a pit stop at one of the many Mexican eateries nearby for some salsa, nachos, tortillas, and other regional specialties. Many dining establishments feature seating along the sidewalk in order for guests to take in the vibe in the center of Mesa. 

3. Take a stroll while on a tour of the city’s public art.

In Mesa, you can get your dose of art without having to visit a museum by taking a walking tour around the city to view every piece of street art installed there. The installations, which number around 40 and are dispersed throughout Mesa, range from the sublime to the absurd and include a gigantic bronze pig, pianos, and a stiletto shoe with flowering blossoms within.

4. Have a good time at Golfland and Sunsplash 

Explore Golfland and Sunsplash, two neighboring amusement parks, whether you’re traveling with family or not, and indulge your sense of fun! Golfland is open all year long and offers activities such as arcade games, go-karting, miniature golf, and bumper boats on a lake that was developed just for the purpose. Guests can also visit Sunsplash throughout the summer, a water park with 29 rides, activities with various water themes, and several bathing and wave pools.

5. Visit Mesa Arts Center to view some art.

The Mesa Arts Center, a 210,000-square-foot center for both performing and fine arts, is situated on East Main in Mesa. It was one of the top Mesa attractions when it opened in 2005 and is the most prominent art complex in Arizona. Four separate arts theaters host public performances and exhibitions at the center, serving as a campus for students studying performing arts. Furthermore, the structure is a work of art in and of itself, as it is constructed of steel, glass, cement, water elements, and bold colors.

6. Visit Usery Mountain Regional Park to have fun and unwind.

Usery Mountain Regional Park is an excellent destination for family-friendly activities in Mesa, Arizona.

Usery Mountain Regional Park, a 3,648-acre park with camping areas, hiking and mountain bike routes, and beautiful scenery is situated on North Usery Pass Road. The park has 73 campsites, each of which has electricity, BBQ grills, picnic tables, and other amenities. The park also has more than 29 miles of trails suitable for hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. Courses range in length from simple and short to lengthy and challenging. Still, despite that, it offers guests breathtaking views of the area, which is worth the trial. 


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