Food Fantasy is the world’s number one game for food fantasy eggette. It was founded by a former banker and the creator of King, making it the perfect combination of innovation and expertise.

In Food Fantasy you can build your dream cafe or pie shop, decorate it with your own style, and cook an endless variety of dishes for customers all over the world. And what about those global rankings? They are based on how creative you are in solving each day’s cooking challenges as well as your level of hospitality to every single customer – so there’s plenty to work toward!

Here at Food Fantasy we believe that cooking is more than a recipe; it’s an opportunity to show off creativity, confidence and experience.

1. What kind of person would want to play a game about food?

The same people who would want to build a cafe or a pie shop in the real world, or at least would enjoy the experience. You’ll find plenty of people who like cooking, but with Food Fantasy they have an outlet for their passions that goes beyond mere consumption. Instead of just eating food, they can also create it!

2. How much time does it take to complete all levels? 

Not much, really. Cooking starts off easy, but soon becomes more difficult with each level. Each day you’ll have a short time to prepare and complete the dishes for the specified customers. The pay rate is based on your earnings from cooking. The amount of time varies from person to person, but it’s not uncommon for players to spend over 1,000 hours playing and completing all levels. Many players even reach level 200!

3. Which is more fun: cooking a dish or making the customer happy?

If you want to get the best results in Food Fantasy, then make sure to express your creativity. But if you want to get the biggest ratings, then go for the customer satisfaction rating.

This game is not just another game; it’s a way of life!

4. How do you go about finding new recipes?

You’re free to take them from anywhere in the world. Sometimes we make our own recipes, and we have over 1,000 recipe titles available on our website. You can also send us your own recipe requests, and we’ll try to make use of those ideas for future updates!

5. What would the game be like if you could only cook dishes from your own country?

Other than your own country, you can also cook dishes from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and of course the United States and China. If you’re not a global foodie, then you’ll be missing out on a lot of fun…

6. How would people react if they found out they could get into this game?

They’d probably be shocked! The food fantasy restaurant business is a world of its own, and people spend years playing it. Well, we’ve managed to keep the secret hidden well so far! But it is a game that’s all about sharing so we expect some to find out soon.

7. What kind of person is best suited to play Food Fantasy?  Is there any age limitation?

Food Fantasy is a game that caters to practically every type of person in the world. It’s a game you can play with your family and friends, or a game you can play by yourself to enjoy delicious dishes. There is no age limit for playing this game…we are even thankful for the elderly among us who still have a passion for cooking!

8. Do players tend to make their cafes look the same?

No, not at all! We’re really impressed by how different everyone’s cafes can be. There are plenty of restaurants with decorations that accurately reflect their country of origin, and that’s always amazing to see. It makes us feel like we have traveled far and wide!

9. In what ways can you express your creativity in Food Fantasy?

Perhaps the best way is to decorate your cafe or pie shop stylishly. But you can also express creativity in your dishes, be they savory or sweet. You might even get a wild idea for a new dish! Well, you can decorate your cafe by adding various decorations. You can also share your ideas with other players or keep them to yourself—it’s all up to you!

10. What type of music do players like to listen to while playing Food Fantasy?

Hip-hop, R&B and rap seem to be most popular based on the cafe names we’ve seen. But if it’s good music, then there are plenty of people who listen to everything from classic rock to classical in their own cafes


Fun, easy-to-use game.

Foodies from all over the world gather in Cuisine Club.

Players of Food Fantasy get to enjoy their favorite foods made by others and can share their own dishes with the world!

Going through all of the different levels, players feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement as they build up their foodie skills. Then there’s also the challenge of ranking in global rankings—that’s the icing on top!


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