What is maladia clothing?

Maladia clothing is clothing made for people with a disability. It was initially founded by Dr. Jennifer Kidd, a neurologist who wanted to make clothes accessible to all people with disabilities without sacrificing style or comfort. Maladia has brought on a team of four designers and over 100 contributing artists, textile suppliers and sewing contractors to create the best possible products while maintaining strong relationships with its partners in Africa.

We create a line of clothing that can be custom-made according to the customer’s body measurements and specifications so that each piece fits perfectly and is 100% unique. Our designs are elegant, creative, comfortable and fashionable, allowing individuals with disabilities to enjoy their wardrobe like never before!


-The clothes are for people who desperately need clothes that are tailor made for them.

-We’re a brand that would like to help out the disabled community.

-It will add more value to the disabled community, we don’t see it as charity. We see it as an investment that is going to bring more awareness to this cause and raise more funds in the process.


Poverty & lack of basic medical care ~ they really struggle with buying clothes, especially when they are beginners & not rich.. For those who don’t understand how expensive it can be, you should think about how many hours you spend without buying things on a daily basis.

Maladia’s solution:

Our first collection will be a variety of different designs in women’s and men’s sizes that are all made from the same patterns, so we can create a comfortable, stylish line of clothing for anyone who needs them. Every piece will be produced from one of our prototypes, and we will also provide customized sizing for customers so they can buy clothes that will fit just right. All of the pieces in our collection have been carefully selected to ensure maximum comfort and style while addressing the additional support needs that come with special needs and disabilities.


People with different disabilities around the world & their friends and family. Anyone who is interested in helping out this cause.

Maladia’s mission:

To eliminate the stigma around disabilities, to create casual clothing that is stylish and comfortable. To raise awareness of the need for clothing that is tailored to fit specific disabilities and needs. To convey an image of self-confidence and pride to all people with disabilities.


-Maladia clothing will be designed to meet the needs of customers with disabilities.

-We are going to provide customized clothing for our customers.

-Maladia is helping out people with disabilities.

-You can show your own personal style and confidence in the circumstances you are in by wearing these clothes. Use it as a healing tool for yourself, support for your friends and family and empowerment for the disabled community!


-You can be confident and happy with the clothes you are wearing.

-You can wear clothes that fit you perfectly every time.

-Your clothes will be unique to you as it will have your measurements.

-They’re stylish, fashionable, and comfortable clothing for people with special needs.

-The designs were created to be cheerful, colorful and fun while still being functional and practical for the disabled community.


We need money to fund our new project. We want to start making clothes for the disabled community. The goal is to raise $5000.00 by October 15. Please help us by donating or sharing this page with your friends! Thank you!

-We are working so hard on this project, we don’t have a lot of money to pay for everything we need and we have got a lot of costs that can’t be covered by donations alone.

-So it costs us hundreds of dollars every day just to run our business and pay for people who work with us on this project. This project has proved to be a truly worthwhile cause that can make a big difference in the lives of people who have disabilities and special needs. We want to prove that it is possible to create stylish clothing for the disabled community while still maintaining a great quality of life. Over the last three years, we have gathered highly experienced and passionate people and we are ready to start building this project up!


-We need a lot of money to start this project.

-It will take a lot of time to cover all the needs that this project has.

-The clothing will be 100% custom made for each customer, so there won’t be other people who can have access to these products.

-If the project is not successful and we don’t get the money, people who worked hard on this will lose their jobs and the company will stop making clothes for people with disabilities.

-People with disabilities are not rich, they can’t afford clothes like normal people can. They need minimal investment to start being able to look good and wear fashionable things. The budget was $5000 however, I am looking for donations to get the project started and I have gotten nothing from the government. This is the only way we can get it off the ground.


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