What James Charles Palette Looks Easy Step by Step?

James Charles Palette Looks Easy Step by Step guide provides detailed and easy-to-follow instructions on how to achieve three different styles of makeup. In the first section, you will discover the basics of creating a simple, natural look with delicately applied eyeshadow and mascara. Next, we will show you how to experiment with a bold red lip paired with contoured cheeks. Last but not least, in this two-part tutorial we will coach you all the way from filling in your brows to making sure your lashes are long and lusciously curled.

Things we need:

A camera, a tripod, an empty room with all the necessary lights (at least one light source if you plan on shooting in front of a mirror) and natural sunlight. Makeup brushes (brushes for eyeshadow, foundation, concealer and blending), palette knife, cotton pads or something similar, primer and a brow pencil. If you want to go out at night after applying your makeup, we recommend using setting spray or spray tan (best to use both). This is a good guide with the necessary tips and makeup products to follow.

How to start?

– First things first, go to your bedroom and choose a palette (a solid color one or one with colors that you like). You can also use this palette as a starting point to create other looks. You can create up to 8 different looks using the tools we will give you.

– Secondly, pick an eye color for each section as well as for your full face. But remember, it’s better not to be too dark or too light because we will be using neutral eyeshadows, bronzer and blush in order to have an even complexion on all areas of the face, ears included (but without losing the contour look).

– Then, choose your bronzer and pick a blush color. Don’t forget to consider blush placement, and when you have it just right, remember to blend.

– For the lips, take the lip liner pencil of your preferred color and outline your lips. Next comes the lipstick that is at least one shade lighter than your skin color. After you finish with that step, use a gloss on top in order to hide any imperfections on the inside of your lips. And don’t forget to shape or reshape your lips if needed after applying both products (lip liner and lipstick).

– Apply your eye makeup, blending it outwards in order to achieve a natural look and make sure your brows are neat. When that’s all done, apply your primer (we recommend the one from Smashbox, but if you don’t have it, use whatever primer you prefer).

– Finally, we will choose our contoured cheeks and apply a cream blush to each portion of the face (use the color that fits your skin tone). If you want your eyeshadow to last longer, use a setting powder on top of your makeup as well. We will also highlight our cheeks with bronzer and contour.


– Gives you a natural and fresh look.

– It shows the beauty of your eyes. What makes them look so attractive and attractive are the details that make them stand out, like eyelashes that fan out or a full set of eyebrows, which will make your eyes look almost big.

– Combine makeup with makeup is another great option for an easy way to create different looks. All you have to do is pick a neutral cream blush (one or two shades lighter than your skin color) and contour it on each cheek on the same shade as your skin tone (remember to apply bronzer in the same shade as well).

– It is a very practical makeup that you can use on different occasions whenever you need to create a more “natural” look.


– You have to be well coordinated and have the necessary tools for the makeup application.

– It is considered as mature makeup and not appropriate for people under 18 years old, unless they are professional models.

If you require other resources, please check this guide: “James Charles Palette Looks Easy Step by Step”.

It is advisable to read the whole article, so you will know what to expect and you will have a complete understanding of the situation. I used this specific guide because it was very detailed and everything I needed was in there.

However, you will have to perform some other steps before applying your makeup.

After reading the article, the first thing that came to my mind was, if someone can create these looks within an hour or two? 

How difficult can it be?

Well I’m here to tell you that it is not that challenging at all. I tried to follow the steps as close as possible, so if you are thinking of trying it out some day, be prepared that it is not as hard as you think. It is really worth it, and trial and error with these kinds of tutorials can lead to a lot of interesting results. For example: I tried this look and noticed that my nose got highlighted too much because of the blush and bronzer, so instead of taking everything off I put on a second layer without contouring. It looked amazing! Now I have an idea for another look which I will share with you all soon (I have been promising some red looks for ages now).


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