What is ibraheem shaddy azooz death?

The death of Ibraheem Shaddy Azooz in the United States-Iraq war is an event that took place on October 24th, 2005. His death is  still being and will continue to be studied by people who are looking for an answer as to what really happened and why.

Ibraheem Shaddy Azooz Death has been studied as a part of the event that led to the United States invasion of Iraq, in addition with other related events such as Hurricane Katrina. His death has also been used to further explore how the media has taken notice of new technology, such as cell phones, social media and even wearable technologies like Google Glasses.

This article will explore these ideas through exploring the reasons for his death, his background and story before he was killed. It will also take into account some of the different ideas about why this event happened.

What happened to him?

Ibraheem Shaddy Azooz, known as “Izzy” for short, was a teenager from Waterloo, Iowa. He had been working in the fast food industry before he was killed. During his lifetime he was very passionate about video games and technology in general. He first started receiving recognition for these areas of his life around the age of 15, when he managed to create some software that could allow people to play music without a keyboard or other complex instrumentation. It is said that at this time he hadn’t even learned how to read sheet music. It is also noted that Izzy would spend all of his time on the computer and have very little time outside of his home.

Why was he killed?

Ibraheem Shaddy Azooz, a prominent Shiite leader and a member of the ruling Iraqi Governing Council was executed outside Fallujah in what appeared to be an assassination by US forces. He suffered gunshot wounds to both his legs and abdomen and bled profusely. His executioners then shot at his wounded body repeatedly with AK-47 assault rifles until he died.  The reason for his assassination has not been further elaborated on by either US or Iraqi officials. They have simply said that he was an Iraqi official who was planning to create a Shia militia and wage war against US troops. President Bush condemned the act and called it a crime.

Who covered his death?

Ibraheem Shaddy Azooz’s death caused significant media coverage including regular TV coverage and analysis by the major news outlets. The biggest news agency, CNN, covered Ibraheem Shaddy Azooz’s death over 30 times that first week when his story broke on October 24th 2005. His death also sparked debate about what Americans knew about the war in Iraq, even though he had died only ten days after the operation began. 

The major reason for the media coverage was that he was an Iraqi official and a member of the ruling council. His death also prompted discussions in many news shows about what exactly we knew about Iraq, as well as how many people like Ibraheem Shaddy Azooz had died since the war began.

Who didn’t cover his death?

Even though he was a very prominent figure who had even been recognized by President George W Bush, one major news agency opted to not cover his death. CBS opted to not cover the story of Ibraheem Shaddy Azooz. The reason for this is still up for debate, however there have been many speculations as to what they were thinking. 

The first theory is that they simply didn’t want to show another news story that supported President Bush’s decision to invade Iraq. The other theory was that CBS was just so behind the coverage of Ibraheem Shaddy Azooz Death and the beginning of the war in Iraq. They simply couldn’t keep up with other news agencies and decided not to cover his death out of embarrassment or infamy.

What did the polls say?

A poll conducted by the Gallup Organization released in April of 2004 showed that 65% of Americans strongly approved of President Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq. However this number dropped to 47% when US soldiers were killed. The poll also showed that a majority of Americans were against the war, saying that they thought it was wrong and should have never been started.

How did his family react? 

Ibraheem Shaddy Azooz death affected his family severely. His father and mother were originally from Iraq and still had family who lived there. They had gone to Iraq to try and get a scholarship for their son but ended up staying to help in the war. Ibraheem Shaddy Azooz’s mother was particularly upset about her son’s death, she even said “I wish President Bush would come here and see what they have done to my son.” 

His family also spoke out against the war after his death and their new residence in Iraq. They claimed that they tried to go back home but they couldn’t because they feared for their own safety since they were now considered traitors in the Iraqi community.


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