What is eso trifling glyph of health?

Eso trifling glyph of health is a glyph found in the Elder Scrolls games. It’s mostly used by healers to restore the health of allies, but it often has other effects as well, and high-level glyphs may also be used offensively.

This post will go through the different effects that you can get from this glyph and how to use it effectively. The article will also include pictures with explanations to help you understand what this type of spell looks like when casted. It’s important to note that glyphs are not all equal, and as this glyph is considered a healer’s spell, it offers more benefits to a healer. 

Paladin healing abilities will not be detailed in this article because the use of this glyph is not for paladins, but for anyone (healer or non-healer) who has a healer in the group. As I learned from one particularly squishy friend of mine, if you have an ESO class, there is always one squishy friend in your group.


To use the glyph, you need to cast the heal on yourself or someone else. If you target another player, they will get a heal and be instantly taken out of threat range. The glyph absorbs the healing and uses it on you instead. This is the case with all healer’s glyphs:

If using it in an offensive fashion, you will use your allies as shields and damage them (or yourself – depending on your own glyph) to trigger its effects. Eso trifling glyph of health is a strong trait for any player who uses heals from time to time, or just loves to protect their allies while being a little selfish themselves.

The glyph is best paired with Lover’s Comfort , a recent trait that was added with the Auri-El patch in 6.1, allowing you to heal for more when your lover is under significant pressure. The glyph will do both at the same time, and although it only heals for 350 pts, it will absorb all of them and leave you at zero threat. Bravo!

When to use?

The glyph has many uses on its own or in combination with other spells and abilities. Below are some of the most common ones. Remember, you can use it in any situation where you would normally cast a heal. Healers usually have enough threat to be attacked and heal themselves or their allies, but not low enough threat to be targeted in a normal situation.

Healing yourself: 

Some players love to resurrect themselves at the most inappropriate times. Not only does this help them to stay alive, but some classes will even benefit from being resurrected ASAP. This is why this glyph’s healing amount is so large and why it’s often used on a healer who’s about to die. Let’s say that your target and their friend are standing next to each other and the defender has just been hit with a 6k bolt spell – they’re both going down fast. 

In this scenario, you have a few options. You could cast ward to heal yourself and the second player, but as the first one is about to die, you might not have time for that. Or you could cast your own heal on them, which would require an immediate heal afterwards or if the group is too far away. A quicker option is to use this glyph. When triggered by their dying friend, they’ll get healed instantly and be taken out of threat range while they are being resurrected.


As mentioned above, the glyph has a large amount of healing, which means less needed heals if you’re at low health. In addition, it gives your target something to hold on to when being resurrected (a shield!) and when used in combination with Ward , it can save their life. Finally, the fact that you will get some of the damage from their death is a nice bonus.

Healing allies: 

This is one of the most common uses for this glyph as it will bring a group member out of danger and restore their health. Undocumented benefits include the healer’s own health, but you are not likely to have that many heals on you at once (unless you are an almighty healer like Astriell of the Thieves Guild).

The glyph has its uses when spamming heals on multiple characters, especially if you’re a healer who craves for more healing. With this glyph and a low-level heal (few thousand health), if two or three characters are standing in front of each other, their total health will be 4k to 8k. That’s quite a lot! For some classes and builds, this is enough to heal through most damage-over-time effects without the need for much healing.


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