If you’re feeling a bit adventurous and looking for the perfect night out in Brisbane to get your adrenaline pumping, check out these eight tips that will help you guarantee an exciting and memorable pub crawl. Brisbane is full of trendy pubs to choose from. Whether you’re into older venues that are still alcohol-friendly or more modern places with a buzzing crowd, there is bound to be something in Brisbane that suits your taste.

The best way to start is to visit a few pubs in your neighbourhood, and then head over to the most popular ones. You must have an open mind, so don’t judge the first place you visit by its reputation. If there are plenty of people inside and it’s busy, use this as your queue sign telling you whether or not to head over there. Your local pub would be a good place to start because it will guarantee as much crowd-pleasing entertainment as possible. When you’re in a new place, it’s always smart to ask the locals for tips on where to go. Let’s explore the tips for an exciting pub crawl.

1. Make a Connection: Public Transport

Some people will tell you to travel by private car, and others will tell you not to. But putting aside the automobile pollution and the traffic congestion, travelling by public transport is also a great way to avoid wasting time. You can go from pub to pub without risking your safety. If you have musical taste, making sure your playlist is compatible with all the places you visit is also a good idea.

2. Always Have a Backup

If you’re planning to travel to different places, always have an alternative route in case your main method fails. Some places will not be near the public transport system, and you might need to walk a bit. Don’t get caught with no way out of a place and end up regretting that night. Just make sure that you’ve got your backup plan set.

3. Be on the Lookout for Hidden Places

Cities can be a pain to navigate, especially if you’re used to living in the country. Don’t be afraid of asking people around you for help if you don’t have a map on hand. But it’s better to prepare a list of places to go beforehand so that you won’t have any problems finding your way. When you get lost, being drunk is not an excuse. Don’t give up easily; find a way to where you need to go so you can still enjoy your night out.

4. Pick the Right Time

You don’t want to come out of a pub when it’s already pretty late at night. Pub crawl in Brisbane is supposed to be fun and not stressful, so if you’re planning on leaving an hour before your last stop, don’t push through. Instead, come at a reasonable time, like 10 p.m., and make sure you make your slow walk there.

5. Don’t Pick the First Place You See

Try to resist the temptation of picking the first pub you see. There are so many good options in the city, so you should leave this to other people in your group. Not all of them will be as good—just like how not all hamburgers are exactly alike.

6. Play it safe

It’s better to go with a group of people so that you can find more fun activities in the city. If you end up alone, you might end up drinking too much and not realizing how late you stay out, which will ruin your night.

7. Eat a Good Meal

Going on a pub crawl doesn’t necessarily mean that you end up drinking too much. You can always taste the food in the area and order what you like the most. Just make sure to eat something before heading out on your adventure, as this will prevent unwanted problems in your night.

8. Stay Hydrated

You don’t want to end up with a headache or a hangover, so you must drink plenty of water before you head out. You also need to ensure you’re drinking enough, so you don’t feel sick. If you’ve had too much to drink, the best thing to do is contact a friend or someone in your group and ask for help since this might not be your problem alone.


Going on a pub crawl is an excellent way to meet new people and make new friends. Don’t forget to ask the locals for tips on where to go. Not all pubs are good, so it’s better to leave this part of the decision up to other people. You can still have a good time by picking the right places and not trying anything too crazy.            

Author’s Bio: Matt McGrath is an avid traveller and a prominent writer in the blogging community. He has been to more than 50 countries. While he loves discovering new cultures and adventures, he is also passionate about sharing practical tips with his followers. If you love to travel and adventure, we recommend that you read and follow all his articles! More about him on his website – http://mattmcgrath.me/


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