So you think that anxiety is all in your head? I’m going to prove you wrong and read tyler the creator quotes. Anxiety is a whole body response, and these tricks will help you feel more sexy, alive and free from ANXIETY.

1. Treat your mind as if it were a garden- with love, care, and attention. 

Spend 15 minutes each day with someone who loves you (or read an inspiring book). Get plenty of sunshine or take supplements like Vit D3 or Omega 3 to boost serotonin levels in the brain. Practice deep breathing for 10 minutes before bedtime or when feeling stressed so that your body feels less flooded with adrenaline when the time comes at night.

2. Put your smartphone where you can’t see it.

The blue light of your smartphone communicates with your brain via light-sensing cells in your retina. Scientists found that blue light suppresses your body’s production of melatonin which is necessary for deep sleep, reducing the perception that you are anxious and stimulating. Your phone is one of the main reasons for anxiety today, so putting it out of sight will help you feel more at ease and in control. If you’re like me, you’ll check on your phone a couple times a day just to make sure it’s always there… This can become an obsession or even a phobia if you let it go too far!

3. Don’t pass judgment.

The more you worry, the more anxious you will get. You might not be able to control everything going on in the world, but you can make sure that your thoughts are free from negativity. If a negative thought enters your mind, practice observing it without judgment or taking it too seriously. The more we judge others, the more anxious we get because we “feel” as if everyone is judging us as well- as if eyes are following us all day long. This leads to fear and anxiety about every little thing we do or say.

4. Remember that anxiety is a gift: your body is warning you.

Anxiety is your body’s way of telling you that something is not quite right in your life. The more you can relate to your anxiety and not get mad at yourself for feeling it, the sooner you’ll be able to heal it. When I heard this the first time, I knew that it was true- my body was telling me to slow down or be careful. But it’s best not to listen! This is one of the main causes of unnecessary stress and anxiety, but it’s also where we can find compassion and kindness for ourselves when we live in this way.

5. Pay attention to your breath and count to five when you feel anxious about something or someone.

This technique is calming because it’s a way to lower energy levels by breathing properly, which reduces adrenaline (a hormone that makes you more anxious and defensive.) The anxiety will pass, and you’ll be able to make the right decision about whatever’s going on. Take a moment each day to focus on your breath, even if you feel like your chest might explode at any moment due to anxiety. It will help you to stay grounded when feeling anxious.

6. Sleep naked, or wear a loose nightshirt.

Wearing tight fitting clothing or underwear can be a big cause of anxiety in women because it causes the vagina to become irritated and swollen. When this happens, you feel pain when walking or sitting- which leads to more anxiety. Sleeping naked is one of my favorite things to do, and having a loose night shirt helps as well!

7. Get your period

Some women (I’m not one of them) may find that they are more anxious when they are menstruating. This is because the uterus is contracting and putting pressure on the pelvic area. If you experience this, try wearing a pad that doesn’t touch the sides of your abdomen to reduce anxiety. The menstrual cycle can also be a big cause of stress and anxiety for some women (especially those with PMS). It can lead to bloating, weight gain, moodiness and cramps- which leads to more anxiety about these same symptoms. 

8. Look at yourself in the mirror and imagine that you’re looking at someone else.

Try to see yourself from the outside, in a different place or time. You’ll find that you are looking at someone else, not you. You’ll also see that this “other” person is ok! I hope that this little exercise will help you to feel more relaxed and open to yourself when looking in the mirror. I’ve noticed that those who are critical of their bodies, tend to have a difficult time dealing with anxiety as well, but it doesn’t have to be this way!


Anxiety is on the rise in today’s stressful society, but it’s a natural response to fear. It feels like we’ve lost control because we feel that our thoughts and sensations are out of control. But here’s the best part: We can make ourselves feel better by returning to the basics of treating our mind, body and spirit as one.


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