Marketing is all about being creative, taking risks and getting you involved, so that you can have just as much fun as they do! Here we’re showcasing a variety of marketing adventures – from crafting interactive magazines to aerial acrobatics like game dev tycoon cheat sheet, to playing with paint and doing market research on the masses. If you love being creative in your work then continue on for an abundance of markets to explore.

8 marketing adventures are:

1. The Marketing Machine

A multi-platform campaign where a real life marketing machine is taken to the streets of London and a range of products are promoted. This involved designing and building a marketing machine, inventing the product, developing the advertising concept and executing. Plus, creating the product packaging, promotional materials and design for the machine.

2. Play With Paint – 4 Colors Wins

A play with paint adventure where they combined creative thinking and an aerial acrobat to paint the word 4 colors. It was estimated that around 100,000 people passed by Trafalgar Square in central London and watched as the painting continued to unfold over a period of 10 days. Play with paint was a campaign that ran in conjunction with Unilever’s project 10 limited edition series. Branding was created out of a series of product promotions, with each product receiving a different color. This involved creating a brand approach and concept which was then executed across the campaign.

3. The Dirty Campaign

This campaign was a four week street marketing takeover in London where they launched a new product called ‘The Dirty’, which was designed to be used as a cleaning fluid. The campaign got the attention of over 6 million people online, with over 45 million impressions, which resulted in 9,000 sales. A video campaign which involved making people laugh, getting them talking and inspiring conversations. The campaign ran in partnership with Amsterdam’s Frisbee Museum, where the museum staff used their surroundings to promote the brand by creating a dirty Frisbee to attract visitors – complete with special graffiti on the walls. The campaign ran for five months throughout Amsterdam.

4. Hey Dad!

This campaign took place in Argentina and focused on a male target audience. The idea was to make new fathers think about their little bundle of joy and what they would do when they finally caught up with them. A campaign which ran in conjunction with the release of the iconic ‘Hey Dad’ song by The Vines. The basic idea was to create something interesting for parents to do together that would create conversation. Through this we managed to create brand awareness, and get the parents moving – which resulted in positive conversation and increased brand association.

5. Endangered Species 8

An interactive stunt/marketing experience, where the target audience is exposed to 8 different endangered species and then asked if they would like to preserve them. The campaign involves firstly researching the audience and their likes and dislikes, then building a website where people can discover the endangered species. A promotional campaign for the Animal Rights group PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals). The campaign involved a series of billboards with photographs of animal abuse.

6. The Nosey Marketer

A marketer who makes people do crazy things, by putting up ads with facts on them. The main idea was to get people talking about whether the ad was true or not, and the reactions people would have if it was true. A market research project where we interviewed people over 4 different locations in London, asking them a few basic questions to get some ideas on how to improve their marketing. This included understanding what they thought our target audience was, what they thought made a good advert and what they found interesting in our brand.

7. The Big Bench Project 2010

An advertising campaign and a creative competition, where a range of advertising creatives were challenged to come up with an idea to raise money for charity. The aim was to come up with an innovative idea that would also raise money for Parkinson’s Disease UK. A project that involved printing promotional material on a concrete bench, and letting the public sit on it. We based this idea on the likes of Radio One’s Big Ben and other big brands who have done similar campaigns over the years.

8. Frisbie Museum Box

A promotional box made by Amsterdam’s Frisbee Museum, which was then used to promote the museum to the public. This included giving out free Frisbees in shops and spreading the word about the museum. A promotional package for the Frisbiemuseum, which would be delivered to each visitor after they had completed their visit to the museum. This was a small box containing an assortment of 4 Frisbees with branded packaging and instructions on how to set up games in your neighborhood (i.e.: raiding bins).


The campaign was a huge success, which resulted in people getting involved in the game, playing with Frisbees and making an impact on the Frisbie Museum’s website. As the marketing world continues to evolve, so does your marketing adventure. This article is just a taster of some of the markets that are out there for you to get involved with.

Good luck and stay creative!


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