Crossword puzzles are common in the USA. There have been crossword puzzles since 1875 and they have been used as a form of entertainment, usually on weekdays. Crosswords can also be found in newspapers, magazines, and even books. They are suitable for anyone from children to adults. The newspaper crosswords are an easy and fun way for readers to solve a puzzle on the go! Jousting Contest Crossword is one of the most common crosswords in the USA. One reason why crossword puzzles are common in the USA is that there are more people who like doing them than other Americans than people who do Sudoku or Scrabble puzzles which are popular worldwide.

Crossword is also a very natural activity for people who live in cities. Another reason why crossword puzzles became so common here in America was that there were no electronic computers during the early 1970’s. Because of this, most people used to do these puzzles by hand, with pen and paper, before they could do it on their computer.

7 Reasons Why Crossword  Contest Is Common In USA :

1. Novelty

People like solving crosswords for different reasons. Some like to do it for fun and also to challenge themselves. Some people just simply love solving them! Others are occupied with daily work and will come home at night to solve it. They will try and solve the puzzle after dinner before going to bed. But sometimes they will just ponder over it in the morning, read the newspaper or wait for friends or family members who want to do a crossword puzzle with them! 

2. Each Person Solves Differently

Everyone solves things differently. People get answers by logic, putting information together or trying every word one by one until they find the correct one. Some people use the strategy of crossing out wrong letters or words and keep only what is valid or incorrect until they arrive at the correct answer. 

There are other people who check their answers in the same way you check your crossword puzzle when you are done solving it. They first use their logic to get answers and then they check again to make sure they have gotten the right answer! Most people have their own ways of correcting misprints and omissions in crosswords which makes them fun and exciting to do!

3. Relaxing

Crossword puzzles are enjoyable, relaxing and challenging activities. Sometimes you can solve them in less than an hour and other times it takes you hours! Either way, it is a great way to pass time when doing them.

Some people usually do crosswords with friends or family members during weekend outings or vacations. This helps them to create a bond between each other because they come up with different answers and have conversations about them. It also creates the opportunity for them to meet new people who do not know anything about the other person yet!

4. Stress Relief

Crossword puzzles help to relieve stress among many children and adults. Crosswords are never impossible to solve, but they are often challenging! Children like to do them with their friends or family members as a way to be competitive and show off who has the most knowledge about crosswords! It is very relaxing in a sense that everyone is together doing something they enjoy or want to do. People also enjoy doing them during vacations because it gives them the opportunity to relax and let their hobbies take over! 

5. Information & Knowledge

Crosswords help to increase your knowledge in different areas. Some people will search the Internet to get information and knowledge about certain things they do not know. They will ask others what they would put on the crossword puzzle and share their experiences with other people who love doing crosswords too! It also teaches you how to use all kinds of words you have learned over time. Crosswords really make you smarter!

6. Puzzles Are Everywhere!

You can find them at online websites, newspapers, books, magazines and even TV shows or movies! You are able to solve crossword puzzles anywhere you like because of all the resources you have around your house or surroundings.

7. It’s Fun

Although for some people it may seem pretty boring, for others, it is fun and exciting! The ability to solve a crossword puzzle at any time is definitely fun because you never know how long you will take. Some of them can take hours or even days to finish!

Crosswords are a lot like other games that have been popular all over the world. There are similar games played in a lot of other countries such as Scrabble, Sudoku and even activities like chess matches that you can play online with people around the world. These are games where point value is based on the level of knowledge, strategy and strategy and skills in your team.


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