Ghost hunting is one of the most popular hobbies in the world and does not require any specific skill or expensive equipment. It can be done at home, but obviously it is to your advantage if you have a better understanding of what’s going on when you visit these possible locations. The following information will help you make a more educated decision whether to go ghost hunting in your home or not. 4chan paranormal is a great place to start. Some people have a natural sense and can feel paranormal activity, but you can also learn how to sense this energy by learning a few simple techniques.

How To Feel Paranormal Activity?

When you enter a new location, it is best that you take a few deep breaths and focus on feeling the energy of the location. You want to imagine yourself as part of the space and see what it feels like from its perspective. You also want to pay attention to any thoughts or feelings that pop into your head when you are there. If you start feeling any negative feelings like anxiety, stress or even sadness, then there might be something in the area with negative energy that is causing this feeling inside of you.

These types of feelings can also be a means to sense paranormal activity. If you do find yourself experiencing this negative feeling, a good way to test the energy of the space is by trying to use a pendulum. A pendulum is a small tool that can be used in dowsing, which is an ancient form of divining or finding information. It works on the principle that if you hold it by the end of its chain and let it hang freely and if it starts moving faster or slower depending on what you are trying to find out.

7 Paranormal Tips You Need To Learn Now :

1.  The Focus of the Pendulum

The pendulum should actually sit on the floor when it is being used, so that there is not any added vibration from the movement of your hand. When you are holding it by its chain, try to keep the focus on the end of it. Shake slightly to get some movement and then continue to let it hang freely. If you hold it at a 45 degree angle and if there is something out of place or if what you are trying to find out changes its position or stops moving, this could mean that there is a change in the energy in that area.

When you are trying to find a spirit, you can also ask it questions. The person that is holding the pendulum should also keep their eyes closed when doing this, so that they will not know what it is going to say. This allows a better chance for the pendulum to sway slower or faster depending on if the answer is yes or no.

2.  Sensing Spirits in Water

To sense spirits in water, you want to put your focus into where you think the water is and then ask a question out loud which will be answered by movement from your pendulum . This is when you want to ask the question, “Is there a ghost in the water?” There can be a lot of possibilities depending on what you are trying to find out.

For example, if you are trying to figure out where a murder took place, you might get answers that give you information about where the murder happened. Or, if whatever was in there is keeping the water down and it has not been released yet, then you might get answers that tell you what was holding it down.

3.  The Light of The Pendulum

You can also sense spirits with their light (or consciousness) depending on what type of spirit it is and how close to your energy they may be. You can also ask the spirit to show you its light and then try to sense it in your third eye. This is the spot between your eyes that you might have heard about or have even felt as a cold spot. You can also play some music in the background and see if you can feel any difference. If a spirit is really close, you might actually be able to see its energy, just like how a bright light could distract you from something else in your line of vision.

4.  The Effects of Vibrations

If you want to feel spirits more than anything else, you can use your pendulum during a séance. This will help you to reach out, receive and understand the energy of the location even more. You can do this with a group on a séance or even alone by yourself. With a group, you will want to set up the room for it first and light some candles that are white in color. During this time, make sure that everyone is sitting in a circle around the center point of where they will be holding their pendulum. You can ask a question to the spirits about what it is like for the energy to be in the room. Then, you can ask it a question about its identity and ask if it wants to stay here. You can also talk to it as if you were holding a conversation, so that you can get a better understanding of how they acted when they were alive. 

5. The Temperature of the Air

If you want to feel paranormal activity, try talking to the spirits while they are around. Ask them to show you their light and then try to ask it questions. You can even ask them if they are a spirit and if they want to talk with you. Another good thing to do is think about what type of spirit it is (a ghost, demon, alien or even an angel) and see how that feels in your head. If you think about something for a long enough time, your brain will start telling you how it feels about the subject.

6. The Distance of The Pendulum

When you are doing a pendulum reading and you are trying to get closer to the spirits, you should use your pendulum at a 45 degree angle. This will allow the pendulum to stay in contact with the floor and provide some resistance, so that it can still provide its energy while being held by your hand and in contact with the air. This is a good way to be able to sense spirits more easily when they are near or even far away. In order for the pendulum to stay in contact with the floor, try not to drop it because it will slow down.

7. The Direction That You Hold The Pendulum

When you are trying to sense spirits, you should hold it by its chain – or have someone else hold it for you – horizontally in front of you. This will allow your body’s vibrations to also come into play and be detected by the spirit itself. When trying to find out where an afterlife is, try holding your pendulum vertically by the end so that all of its vibrations are going throughout only one half of the room while the other half is left empty.


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