This is a list of news blogs that have gone way too far. These blog posts are immoral and abnormal, so it’s important to know what they are doing. Our intention is to bring awareness to these blogs, and readers should be more wary when reading their articles or anything published on their website. The authors put many hours into these articles, but you should still be very cautious in reading them and exercising caution when clicking on any links provided by these websites. Suffolk news herald obituaries  are being used to lure prospective victims and make a profit by creating fake profiles, so please be cautious.

The articles that are featured on this list are not necessarily the most disturbing or worst, but are those that have made enough of an impact on our readers that we feel should be known to them. Feel free to add a blog that has touched you in a negative way and we will give it the attention it deserves. If you have any news blogs or articles that you like, feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook page. The comments here will serve as an archive for people looking up this article.

7 News Blogs That Had Gone Way Too Far :

1. The Craigslist Killer

The Craiglist Killer was a blog that you used to read at 3AM when you have nothing else to do. A guy named Jake Evans used fake names like “Edward Evans”, “Tom Smith” and “Edwards Smith”, to lure his victims. He would stalk them for days, weeks or months before the killing happened, and he would eventually kill the victim in their home, making it look like a suicide or accident. He killed 5 people using craigslist ads, two of which were women (Lorena Cupcake and Lorraine).

He wrote how many ads he placed on craigslist in each post, and said he is planning on placing more. This one is a very disturbing and random post made by “Edward Evans” about his last victim. He also mentions how he threw the victim’s phone into a lake to cover up his tracks.

When enough evidence was collected, it turned out that this guy wasn’t 19 years old, but may have been as old as 68 years old. This older man must’ve lived a very poor life or had a lot of money to keep paying for these ads. 

2. Soullessness

Soullessness is a blog that talks about morbidity and crime stories. It was originally called “The Zodiac Killer”, but due to copyright issues, it was renamed to “Soullessness”. The blog writer claimed to be the zodiac killer, who allegedly murdered 37 people. He said he will give clues to his identity if he gets 500,000 followers on his twitter account (@soullessbook). His most famous quote was: “I am going to count down from 50,000 and when I reach 0, I will post my identity.” He reached 500k followers on his twitter account. He has since stopped tweeting, but his blog still exists.

3. The Craigslist Killer II: The Return of Edward Evans

This blog is the “real life” version of the craigslist killer, with a different name and a different set of lies. The blogger goes by the name “Jane Doe”, and is always posing as a younger girl to lure men into their trap. It’s reported that she is local to Massachusetts, and has been arrested before for luring men into traps (such as stripping on the street). Jane has written fake profiles on dating apps like OkCupid and Tinder. She also has a Twitter account under her fake name of “Kat Davis’ ‘, where she posts even more disturbing things.

4. Zodiac Killer’s Daughter

This blog is mainly about the Zodiac killer, and posts his story with his daughter’s perspective. She claims to be his daughter from a young age, and is sorry for what he did. She describes how he was always an angry man and many things that happened in the past that led him to become a serial killer. She also describes her father’s traits, such as a physical description of him, mannerisms and handwriting (handwriting was confirmed by using samples). This blog is really interesting because it is written from a first person perspective as if she is actually one of the victims. 5/5 would recommend reading this blog!

5. The Quick Red Fox

The blogs on this list are generally pretty bad and should be avoided at all costs, but this one takes the cake. It’s a blog that consists of a fictional writer named “Quick Red Fox” (or just QRF), who writes about serial killers and death in general. This blog has been around for a long time and is still active to this day. The writer of this blog would interact with his readers via comments and emails, asking them questions. He would reply to everyone, except if they despised the blog or had a differing opinion. This was because he was afraid of his identity being known and the blog being shut down.

6. The Craigslist Killer III: What Lies Beneath

This blog is the third in the series of a craigslist killer. This one was different, because it was a woman posing as a man to lure women (and men) into traps. She calls herself “The Heartless H**”. You’d think that this is always a guy posing as a girl or an old man, but no, this time it’s actually a woman who poses as both sexes. She lures her victims into posing for webcam videos in their homes, where she would poison them and kill them with cyanide-laced drinks (another person will be featured in this article soon who did something similar).

7. I Love True Crime

As you can tell from the title, this blog is mainly about serial killers and shows like “Dexter”. It’s a small community of people who love true crime and are really nice to talk to. Some may even consider it an archive for cases like the Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders, where a family of 4 was brutally murdered by their neighbor. The killer in this case was convicted and sentenced to death. The blog is also very positive and doesn’t encourage people to commit crimes.


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