The first and best part about this game is that it’s free. You can create a new character by entering in your email, name, and a password. The next step is to pick your class from the list (everyone starts out as an Explorer) then you can customize the appearance of your character. Pets are always running around which makes the game feel more real than it already does. Maplestory 2 pets guide is a system that allows for pet battles. At any time you can go to the Pet menu and see what pets have been added to your inventory. 

The next section is building a town from scratch.  Already when you’re sitting there with a ton of land, it’s starting to feel like a game.  You can choose from all different types of buildings and the people who come when you call them will greet you by name. You’ll meet people if you decide to go out into the world of Maple World, but once again, no real consequence unless they die or if they leave your town.

7 Facts About Maplestory 2 Pets Game That Will Make You Think Twice :

1. Master the Maplestory 2 Pets

Using the pets in game can be a great advantage over your opponents as they can act as a tank or damage dealer. Your Maplestory 2 guide will help you to achieve success by telling you what pets are best for what kind of team. It is critical that you take time and learn how to use them because they can easily be the difference between winning and losing. 

Pets are utilized by summons and require 1 summon slot in order to do this. It is possible that some of the pets get their own unique abilities to help aid their master or themselves. You will want to adopt your pet so it’s possible for one player to have lots of pets at once. Your pets are essential in dealing damage and taking it. If you want to upgrade your pet’s stats and abilities, head over to the Maplestory 2 pets guide .

2. Pet Growth

You can obtain a pet from an event or from an NPC that is located in your town . You can change their name as well as their appearance. Pets also have their own set of skills, which will help distinguish them from each other. The better your pet’s stats are, the more useful they will be when it comes to battle or for training even. You can always click on the character’s image at the bottom right of your screen to see what their new skill is called and what it does.

3. Achievements

You will earn achievements at different stages of the game as well as through completing specific quests . Most will be based around completing or acquiring different objects or even killing certain monsters . There are achievements for just about everything, even joining a guild or creating the first character . There are also achievements based on certain conditions including a certain level of reputation or friendship, killing certain types of monsters , and much more .

4. Pet Training

Pet beginners can use the pet training feature to learn how to use your pets . This feature will allow you to see when your pet is hungry or at its maximum capacity for damage. You need to feed your pet as soon as possible, as this will increase their statistics, which means they will perform better in battle. You can check what your pet is wanting by clicking on the little heart icon that appears beside their name in the Pet menu.

5. Pets Events

There are a lot of events that you can go to if you want to go after specific pets . The events will offer different prizes such as special items and tokens, as well as different rewards . These events do take time until they become available so you need to keep checking your calendar . There are various types of pets events.   You can also make XP by petting animals in the game.

6. Trading

Trading is pretty self-explanatory, but knowing what your trading partner wants is key . It is important that you check the Maplestory 2 guide because this feature has a lot of depth and many things can be done with it. As you increase in level, you will unlock more options and types of pets.

7. Safety in Battle

When you’re making a new character, make sure that you know what the best jobs for your pet are. Some pets will slowly improve their stats as they level up while others cannot be trained at all . You can view what abilities your pet has by accessing its Pet menu during battle . Pets are able to equip and remove accessories , which means that when it comes to battling against other players, there’s a lot more at stake.


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