It’s everyone’s dream to look amazing without spending a fortune, but the fast-paced style of fashion these days can get overwhelming — there are so many options! Rather than hitting the stores, going with an idea that looks good on instagram, or simply wearing what you want to be comfortable, try these hacks or come together: a fashion picture in motion to make your wardrobe and future shopping trips run a lot smoother.

Seven amazing fashion hacks are:

1. The Back Pocket Hack

Let’s start with the easy ones. The back pocket hack is a great way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit.

The simple rule here is, if you are going to a holiday party or reunion you want people to remember the pants you’re wearing, and if they can’t tell by your clothes then they’ll just guess at what you’re wearing — and while they’re busy guessing, keep their attention in your back pocket! This works especially well with bright colors, but can also work with pastels and neutrals very effectively.

Don’t be afraid to push the boundaries too. If there’s something that bright, fun, or funky about your clothes in general you’ll want to keep it in your back pocket.

2. The High-Waisted Suit Hack

Looking for a way to make your suit look more interesting and not like everyone else at the office Christmas party? Try high-waisted pants! This style of trousers is unique for two reasons: first, because it hasn’t caught on yet (it’s still in style with people that truly care about fashion), and second, because it’s so damn simple.

How do you get high-waisted pants? You make your suit jacket have an extra notch or two higher than normal. This gives the impression of a skirt, but since they’re pants, you can still wear this to work. Try it with a simple white shirt and a pair of cute heels!

3. The One-shoulder-diagonal Hack

The one-shoulder diagonal hack is slightly more complicated than the previous two, but it’s so, so worth it. This hack was pioneered by the ’80s’ rock stars, who were known for their occasionally sheer socks and accessories with both their clothing and hair style. They made fashion seem effortless by using this trick all over the place, from hats to shirts to jackets (and often all three).

The way it works is, you put the shoulder strap of your bag on one side of your body and then cross your torso diagonally to wear it. It’s a little awkward at first, but with a little bit of practice it will be second nature.

4. The Diagonal Pocket Hack

But don’t be afraid to experiment with more than just the shoulder strap! The diagonal pocket hack is something that can completely change how people perceive you in the workplace (and even beyond in society).

The way it works is, take a folded scarf from your front pocket and cross it diagonally (like you’re tying a shoe) to wear it on your shoulder. This is especially effective with the shorter styles of scarves (and if you have long hair then you can use this to even tie your hair up when wearing a hat), but can be used with longer scarves too.

5. The One-Shoulder-Cuff Hack

The one shoulder cuff hack allows you to wear lace or knit collars on small and narrow t-shirts without being comically big. It’s an easy trick that allows you to wear a small collar on something that would look ridiculous normally.

If you’ve ever worn collars to a job interview and it looked so ridiculous that you could barely get a word out, then this hack is for you. It doesn’t look great on collarless shirts either, so be careful!

6. The No-collar Hack

If the one-shoulder-cuff hack sounds a little too much like something from the ’80s for your taste, then try the no-collar hack. The no-collar hack is similar to the previous one, but instead of wearing lace or knit collars (which are far less comfortable), use a scarf to give it a more interesting edge.

7. The Tie Hack

The tie hack is a unique way to wear a regular tie with a plain, solid color shirt to make it look as effortless as possible. A lot of people think that dress shirts are boring and drab, but they’re not! Just take the time to figure out how to wear them right and they’ll never be boring again.

So forget about your boring suit and figure out how you want it to fit — either tighter or looser, but never off-the-rack — then start looking for ways that you can make it more interesting than the rest.

Conclusion of this article:

You will find that these fashion hacks have made your life so much easier and you will look like a true style diva. Now along with these hacks, you can also get the correct outfit and accessories to wear it as well.

A simple outfit of black long boots, a waist belt and gold choker necklace is enough to make you look amazing.


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