Are you struggling with how to tell if someone likes you? Do you know how to tell if they’re interested in you more than just as friends?

In this blog post, we’ll go over six clear signs that someone is attracted to you. We’ll also touch on the most common way people show interest and how it’s different from what they usually do around their friends.

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Well, fear not, because here are six signs that someone is emotionally attracted to you!

1. They Always Ask You Out

When you think about it, this should be a pretty obvious sign. The main reason people don’t ask someone out is because they’re scared. 

They’re afraid the other person might say no, and then the whole day would be ruined for them.

This means it’s usually safe to assume that someone who asks you out is at least a little interested in you. They have the guts to go through with asking someone else when they’re not sure how it’ll turn out!

2. They Always Want to Hang Out

It’s common for people to want to hang out with their friends even when they don’t feel like it. Think about it, you’re supposed to be a friend. 

A friend doesn’t have the right to tell another person they “can’t hang out” or “can’t do this.” They’ll just have fun with you and enjoy being around your company.

However, if you’re asking someone out on a date and they’re telling you they can’t hang out because they have something else going on that’s a different story. 

They would rather spend time with friends than go on a date with you, which is pretty clear indication that you’re not very high up on their priority list.

3. They Show More Interest in You than Their Friends

This is a pretty clear sign that someone likes and has interest in you more than friends. While we all show more interest in the people we like, it’s normal for friends to want to spend time with their friends as well. 

But if you ask them why they always want to hang out with you and not their friends, they’ll admit that spending time with you is more important because they like you better.

This may sound a little mean, but it’s actually a common thing among all kinds of relationships. We all have different priorities, and what’s more important for one person may not be for another.

4. They Get Jealous When You’re Around Other People

If someone doesn’t like you, they’ll never get jealous when you have other friends around. It won’t affect them very much because they don’t care much about you and your company. 

However, if they do like you then they’ll feel a sense of jealousy when they see or hear that other people like you or want to spend time with you as well.

5. They Have a Lot of Free Time to Spend With You

Let’s be honest here. Sure, having spare time alone is a lot of fun and a good way for someone to unwind sometimes, but do you really want someone who’s constantly hanging around you? Doesn’t sound very fun at all!

So if you’re the one who always has free time and can go hang out with people whenever you want, this means that the person isn’t really invested in you. 

If they really like you, they’ll have plenty of time to hang out with other friends as well. It’s normal for them to have more time because they have more personal things going on.

6. They’re Not Afraid to Show Affection Around You

If a friend does something embarrassing and doesn’t have the guts to look you in the eyes, chances are that they’re not too interested in you anymore. 

However, if someone is attracted to someone else, they won’t be afraid to act like that in front of them. They’ll show what they think and feel without being afraid of what others might think or say.

This may actually depend on the way other people would react as well – some people are more bold than others after all.

Well, there you have it six common signs that someone is emotionally attracted to you. They show interest and make an effort to spend time with you outside of work or school, they want to hang out a lot and they want to go out on dates with you. They even try to spend more time with you than their other friends!

Once you notice these signs, it’s likely that the other person is at least a little bit interested or attracted to you.


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