Humans cannot live without water. However a lot of tap water, especially in urban areas – is polluted by waste and dangerous chemicals which can cause disease if you consume it daily. Whereas, it is very important to have access to clean water that is safe for our health.

Before you use or consume the water available around you, it’s good to first understand the characteristics of clean and healthy water. This way, you will be able to decide whether the water you want to consume is safe or not.

Clear water

The first thing that you have to make sure of is the condition of the water. Clean water will look clear and pure. If it does not, and rather you notice that it looks cloudy – then it means that your water has been contaminated by other substances which make it not suitable to use, especially to drink. While cloudy water may not always be harmful, it may indicate that germs or toxic chemicals have contaminated the water.

You might want to ask for a professional water pipe cleaner to investigate this problem or use a water filter to help ensure that your tap water will be safe to consume.


Your water should also not have any color in it. As has been mentioned, water should look clear – this is the main characteristic of water. If there is even a speck of color in your water, it means that it won’t be fit for consumption. A visible color in the water can indicate something serious and dangerous if consumed. This is because the color can come up due to factory waste or changes in the environment.

Free from harmful chemicals

As mentioned above, a lot of clean water has been contaminated by chemicals or hazardous waste, especially in areas around industrial or urban areas. To make sure the water in your home is free of chemicals, use a water test kit to determine it.


Normally, water does not have any added taste. When you drink it, you will only feel the freshness and refreshing water coming your way. This is also one of the main characteristics of clean water. If the water is tasteless and only feels fresh, it means that the water has not been mixed with other substances. 


Clean water should not have any odor when we smell it. Smelly water is a sign that the water has been polluted and thus is not suitable for usage – because it can even cause poisoning. 

There are also some cases where your house’s tap water smells like chlorine. Just like the water at the swimming pool. This means that your tap water was mixed with chlorine. This is one of the government ways to ensure that tap water supplies are protected from contamination by harmful microorganisms. This is a normal thing to do, and it is proven to be an effective strategy that can help to reduce the number of water-borne diseases such as dysentery and typhoid. Thus if your tap water smells slightly like chlorine it is normal and usually not a concern. However, if the smell or taste of chlorine is too strong, you should contact a local health agency to be safe.

Having access to clean water is very important. This will help us to be able to do our daily activities without worry. Unfortunately, today a lot of water has been contaminated with chemical and biological compounds – making it harder for us to decide whether the tap water that is running in our house is safe or not. What you can do to ensure that you can consume your tap water without worry is by purchasing a water filter. The main benefit of a water filter is that it can help filter water to keep it clean, safe, and fit for consumption or daily use. 

You can also opt to purchase water bottles to be consumed instead of relying on the tap water. There are so many private label water companies that offer a special deal if you buy their product in bulk. Whichever you choose, just make sure that it can help you to get the best and safest water quality.


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