Robo advisors have gained a lot of popularity in today’s digital world. According to industry experts, the trend is expected to continue for years to come. This is because of the essential part robo advisors play, including providing financial advice that’s objective to investor’s needs. A robo advisor is a digital platform that utilizes high-tech investment programs to choose viable investments on your behalf. You can learn more about the best robo advisors by visiting the website These robo advisors offer portfolio management, excellent account setup, security features, objective planning, and customer support services. Below are the 4 best robo advisors:

1. Wealthfront

This is the top-rated and best robo advisor equipped with all packages for planning, goal setting, investing, banking, etc. The platform is user-friendly and provides investment options at competitive rates. This platform has created a huge impact, especially after its Autopilot launch that helps keep track of bank accounts and transfer funds that exceed your monthly expenses to high yield savings or investments accounts. Additionally, Wealthfront also assists in cash management and wealth accumulation. This platform is also ideal for goal-setting, including creating a retirement plan.

2. Personal Capital

It’s the top-rated portfolio management platform. This has largely been attributed to the company’s technological development that assists in tax and risk management. Personal Capital helps in regular monitoring and rebalancing portfolios to ensure they stay within the desired limits. It also helps in investment diversification by eliminating accumulated exposures in specific industries.

3. Betterment

This is the best Robo advisor for beginners. Betterment has a user-friendly and intuitive platform that contains many learning resources. Of all Robo advisors, this is the platform whose account setup is very straightforward. Mobile users can also use it to enter their annual income, age, and goals. The best part about Betterment is that it provides asset allocation suggestions and also highlights the possible risks. This means that you can easily customize your goals depending on the level of risk at hand. Betterment also notifies you of possible tax implications before you customize your goals. This Robo advisor is also ideal for cash management.

4. Interactive Advisors

This Robo advisor is the ideal choice for sustainable investing. It majorly focuses on creating socially responsible portfolios which are in line with ESG strategies. This Robo advisor provides varied portfolio options such as the Smart Beta portfolios. The selection of portfolios that don’t meet the ESG strategies can assist you in avoiding single stock exclusions and firms that ignore your values. Interactive Advisors have a new feature called the ‘impact Dashboard’ that’s designed to assist in making the right investment options that match their values. Interactive Advisors is also among the best Robo advisors for portfolio construction due to its broad asset classes.

In conclusion, these are the top 4 best Robo advisors. Others include E*TRADE, Merrill, and M1 Finance. Each Robo advisor has a specific cost for trading fees, deposit or withdrawal fees, portfolio management fees, account termination fees, and inactivity fees.


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