If you’re looking for the most authentic Bollywood experience, it might be a challenge to find. Luckily, this article has 8 effective ways to get more out of Bollywood life and zakir hussain biography in hindi, from joining local dance troupes and attending public screenings of popular films in your area, to learning about the history and community of Indian immigrants in Canada. We’ll show you how easy and entertaining it is to explore ethnic culture in your community!

#1 Join a dance troupe: 

Meetup groups are great because they’re free or low-cost but very social. And there’s no better way to learn new skills than by practicing them with others! You’ll quickly pick up on the steps if you attend one regularly. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded people and make new friends.

#2 To watch Bollywood films: 

Check with your local Indian film festival to find out what films will be shown and when. You can even pre-order tickets for some festivals, allowing you time to plan for the event. Most public libraries, Indian restaurants and bookstores are good sources of Bollywood films as well. And the internet, of course!

#3 Experience Indian culture: 

You can attend special events that celebrate different aspects of Indian culture including food, dance and music, festivals, holidays and prayer services. Check out the website of your local Indian federation and sign up for their newsletters and email updates.

#4 Visit Toronto’s Little India: 

Toronto has a vibrant community of South Asian immigrants, many of whom are second or third-generation Canadians. To explore the culture and lifestyle of this area, check out the Little India Heritage Foundation and Learn More (disclaimer: I’m a board member)  or the Indian Canadian Cultural Centre .

#5 Attend an Indian film festival:

There are lots of film festivals in Canada celebrating Bollywood films and dance troupes, so don’t miss these fun, cultural opportunities to learn new customs. 

#6 Learn about Indian culture:

Bollywood Life is a great online resource for beginners. Learn how to make authentic Indian food, read up on Bollywood gossip and even find out what’s playing at the local Sikh temple!

#7 Shop Indian:

Indian grocery stores are popular social gathering places and include a large selection of Indian music CDs, books, newspapers and DVDs. Many include restaurants where you can sample traditional dishes such as samosas (a savory pastry filled with spiced potatoes), biryani (a rice dish with chicken or lamb) and chai tea. And they often sell Indian music CD’s with Hindi and English versions. You can even buy Indian spices that are used in everyday cooking.

#8 Learn about Sikh culture:

Many local gurdwaras (Sikh temples) hold events and celebrations to enrich their communities in Canada. You could attend one and learn about Sikh history, customs and community values. Learn More at the websites of your local Sikh temple or read about them in Toronto Life .

#9 Volunteer:

There are many opportunities to volunteer your time and skills in your local community. You can help with literacy programs, provide art and music therapy for children, or naturalize new Canadians. Check out Work for Good Canada to find one near you!

#10 Attend cultural events at the University of Toronto:

Some students have organized cultural events such as Bollywood nights that allow students to experience the culture of a neighboring country. They’re a great way to mix with others and find new avenues for meeting people.

#11 Study Indian culture in school:

Check out Bollywood Life for more information on the best university programs.

#12 Become a Bollywood star:

If you really want to experience everything, why not be an extra? Since most films are shot in India and you’ll need lots of patience and dedication, this might be a short-term endeavor! But if you’ve got what it takes to get up bright and early in the morning, you might just have the right stuff to become a Bollywood star!

#13 Go shopping:

You can find authentic Indian merchandise at local retail outlets or ethnic grocery stores all over Canada. Check out your local areas here.

#14 Take a language course:

There are plenty of centers that offer Hindi and Urdu language classes for beginners. Being able to speak with your family and friends back home will help you feel more connected and less alone in a strange new country, too!

#15 Read a book while sipping chai tea: 

A visit to the local library or bookstore can fill your bookshelves with interesting books on various aspects of Indian culture, such as religion, history and fashion. You can also read about Bollywood icons and how they came to international fame in the film industry. 

#16 Enjoy an Indian film festival: 

Film festivals are a great way to learn about Bollywood films. You can see some of your favorites as well as new releases and screenings, and they’ll be shown in a local theater where you can relax on the couch with lots of snacks. And if you’re really brave, why not try making your own film? You could even enter one at the festival! 


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