Adam Fields and his team at PotBelly are masters of breakfast. A true American meal, breakfast is all about the carbs: pancakes, waffles, toast with butter and jam, crispy bacon, french toast (a fried egg sandwich), pop tarts. And if you need a little more protein: a ham steak or an omelet. It’s one of those meals that never seems to get old no matter how many times you eat it.

Magic happens at night too; Pot Belly menu turns into a 24-hour restaurant with its own custom beers on tap dubbed “PotBeers’ ‘ and sliders made from potatoes fried in duck fat called “fat fries’ ‘. With its cozy, diner feel, it’s no wonder that Pot Belly attracts celebrities like Vince Vaughn (who has even invested in this concept), Diddy, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

15 reasons you should go to pot belly right now:

1. It’s a unique experience

PotBelly is part diner, part bar, and in its early days was sort of a sketchy place to be. The dining area has a sort of diner feel to it with memorabilia covering the walls; at one point the whole room was covered in dozens of old John Varvatos T-shirts which have since been cleaned out. In terms of its ambiance and vibe, PotBelly offers something different from any other Chicago cafe or restaurant. It’s all about the food and atmosphere; there’s not really an excuse to stay home when you can have breakfast at PotBelly.

2. Where else can you get a burger made from beef?

Who doesn’t love a burger, right? Pot Belly gives that classic sandwich new meaning. The burgers are pattyless patties: the meat is cooked in-house and served on an artisan roll. Then they top it with any of their delectable toppings from white cheddar to guacamole and sour cream to truffle oil. It’s one of those burgers so good it really makes you question why you’re still eating breakfast, but when you do go to PotBelly for lunch, skip the burger and go for the FAT fries (quesadillas with chili gravy).

3. The croque monsieur on French Toast

Divorced from a classicCroque Monsieur, the French Toast has been elevated to the next level. Cooked in-house, it’s topped with creamy béchamel sauce and comes with poached eggs, ham or bacon and Gruyere cheese. It can be ordered as a side dish or added to any other sandwich on the menu. If you really want a taste of France, there are also sublime versions of the Croque MaPleine, a baked French toast with fruit compote and creme fraiche.

4. The hummus and egg sandwich

The one that started it all. It’s a simple combination of hummus and eggs, but in this case the sum is greater than its parts. The sweet green hummus contrasts nicely with the egg’s savory richness; it’s a worthy contender for breakfast of champions.

5. The “Blue Collar Burger” (3 Cheeseburgers) & Fries

It’s more than just another hamburger… This burger will change your life! It may look like ordinary three-cheese burgers and fries, but you simply haven’t lived until you’ve given them a try. This is a meal fit for a king, so go ahead and treat yourself.

6) The Chicago Dog with bacon-onion marmalade, sweet relish, tomato, sport peppers and celery salt

*ahem* this hot dog is the bomb! Its crinkle-cut french fries are the best in town. Chicago dogs are traditionally topped with poppy seeds, mustard and pickle relish, but Pot Belly adds their own twist by making it a bacon-onion marmalade. Plus it comes with ketchup instead of mustard because who doesn’t love ketchup? The bun is toasted on the outside and soft on the inside.

7) The Cheesecake flavor of their milkshakes

Do you live in Chicago? Do you like cheese? Then there’s no way you can go wrong with a cheesecake milkshake. Choose from any of their milkshake flavors and get it served in a cup that looks just like a giant piece of cheesecake. It’s delicious, but it’s also fun to look at! You’ll have everyone asking you where did you get that giant piece of dessert!

8) “Autumn Apple” French Toast & Fruit Compote Buttermilk Pancakes with Cranberries and Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Butter

*Drools uncontrollably* These pancakes look amazing. This is another item off their special list, but it’s well worth the wait. Their Buttermilk Pancakes come in some amazing flavors like peaches and cream and even blueberry sorbet. If you just need a little something to go with your cup of coffee or tea, try the “Autumn Apple” French Toast or Fruit Compote. It’s served with bourbon vanilla gelato and cranberries and brown sugar in a pear compote. Every bite is a breath of fresh air.

9) The “Duck Fat” Fries

Bigger than regular fries, these fries are a meal on its own. Get them topped with chili gravy, smoked gouda cheese, or bacon and sour cream. They’re so good that you’ll definitely want to share them with your friends!

10) The Mac & Cheese pancake comes with bacon and gruyere cheese! It’s gluten-free too!

It may not be the healthiest choice for breakfast but what goes better together than mac & cheese and pancakes? They’ll make it right in front of you by pouring the batter onto a Belgian waffle maker. When it’s done, the waffle will be filled with mac & cheese just like a real waffle! It comes with bacon, gruyere cheese and chives.

11) Get their delicious desserts in cute mason jars

Because who doesn’t love a dessert in a jar? If you want to try out one of their delicious desserts but don’t want to buy the big size, get them in a cute mason jar! They have some mouthwatering options like chocolate caramel brownie sundae or strawberry shortcake. No matter which one you choose, you can’t go wrong with Pot Belly’s desserts.

12) The PotBelly Crack Pie

If you love a good crack pie, look no further than the PotBelly Crack Pie. This serves up for all your breakfast needs. It’s loaded with apple crumbles, oat crumbles, and buttery crumbles topped with a thick layer of sweet spiced apples and cinnamon.

13) The Spiced Pumpkin Crumble Pie

The PotBelly Crack Pie is sold out? Just order the Spiced Pumpkin Crumble Pie. Baked in-house, they pile it high with a pumpkin custard and finish it with a micro crumble topping and a pecan streusel. It’s like Thanksgiving in a dish!

14) You can get anything made to order including the artfully crafted pie that shows up on the specials board

If you’re feeling extra hungry, you can take something off the specials board and have it made to order. Don’t just settle for something from Pot Belly’s regular menu, go for something that is so unique that it’s listed in big letters for everyone to see. They’ll make it just like you want it and if you’re feeling really adventurous go ahead and try one of their Creole Benedict – an eggs benedict with a twist! It has spicy gouda, bacon served on a bed of poached tomatoes with a spicy remoulade.

15) They’re well known for their baked goods

Need a nice breakfast treat to start your day well? Get one of their tasty treats from the baked good case. You can choose from muffins, cookies and scones. They have a wide variety of them to choose from: everything from maple bacon to chocolate chip to lemon blueberry scones.


Pot Belly is a must-try!

Potbelly is perfect for a casual, high quality diner. It has great breakfast and brunch items. There’s even a separate area for dessert, and it’s always a great place to grab some food if you’re meeting up with friends or going to an event. Their drinks are filling, their food is topped with fresh ingredients and they have an array of unique flavor combinations that will have your mouth water. You won’t be disappointed at Potbelly. Get up, get out there and try Pot Belly!


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