Everyone has that one club in their life they love. Whether you’re a die-hard tennis player, an outspoken club member, or even just someone who loves spending time with friends at the radio station of your choice, there’s no denying the feeling of fulfillment you get from being a part of that certain community. But we all need to do more than just exist in these clubs. We need to spread our wings and work hard for what we want out of the future. DC 420 club is doing just that.

The club was started by one of the hardest-working students in Drexel’s history, Phil Mackenzie. With a passion for community outreach and the legalization of marijuana, Mackenzie wanted to create a safe place for students to grow and express that growth in an atmosphere that would empower them. As attendance for the club has grown, so have the amounts of volunteers needed to keep it running.

Simply put, Drexel 420 was started by students who have a passion for community and activism. But it’s important to note that this club is not created just for stoners. As the club has grown, so has the necessity for more volunteers. Last year alone, 420 had over 100 different volunteers who participated in at least one aspect of the club. Here at Drexel we get a lot of credit for our fun loving attitude and inability to study. However, if you think about it, clubs like this go beyond partying and become symbols of success throughout communities all around Philadelphia.

10 Wonderful Clubs. Number 6 is Absolutely Stunning :

1. DC420

DC 420 started way back in February 2012. Under the leadership of Phil Mackenzie, the club quickly became a hit on campus, and soon thereafter became a great success throughout Philadelphia. The club seeks to change the perception of pot use in the city and the nation by bringing together people from all walks of life. Their cause is changing public policy regarding marijuana to one that allows for its legalization for medical and recreational uses. 

With over 100 volunteers coming together for their events, DC 420 is a thriving club that has been involved with many community service projects such as painting schools, planting trees in poor neighborhoods, cleaning out alleys from trash, or even bailing out friends who have gotten into legal trouble.

2. The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is by far the biggest sporting event of the year in the United States and is a huge time and money-consuming event for both the city of Philadelphia and the team that eventually wins it. But this doesn’t mean that any individual involved with Philly Super Bowl XXIX doesn’t give back to their community in other ways, as well. Through fundraisers and outreach, participants help raise money for charities to help those in need throughout Philadelphia, and also raise awareness about their causes through social media.

3. Submerge

Founded in 2008, Submerge is an organization dedicated to bringing together a community of people who share a love for exercise and fitness. The club has goals of becoming the premiere fitness club in Philadelphia and eventually nationwide with their programs. An old-fashioned gym where members can find an old-fashioned atmosphere, Submerge helps people of all ages reach their fitness goals, whether it’s working on their strength or just improving one’s cardiovascular system. 

Through their programming and events, members can visit classes that interest them as well as participate in various team-building exercises. For their entire club, Submerge has been involved in many different community service projects such as helping to paint schools and seniors’ homes, organizing food drives for families in need, and even helping with the clean-up of an abandoned building.

4. Eagles of Liberty

Birds may be the most graceful of creatures that grace the earth on a daily basis, but nobody can argue that they don’t have wild and crazy antics at times as well! Eagles of Liberty is a group of people who come together around their love for Philadelphia sports teams. 

These people zealously cheer on their teams by attending games and participating in other various events organized by the club throughout Philadelphia. In addition, they also work hard on community service projects, bringing together their various members to help local charities throughout Philadelphia.

5. Pellow of Liberty

Pellow of Liberty is a non-profit organization that focuses on educating youth about the dangers of drugs and alcohol by offering an interactive program called “The Rock.” In this program, students are made to make decisions about their lives and put them into action through role playing in a mock courtroom setup. If someone is caught engaging in an illegal activity, they are made to pay the consequences for their choice. With their work, they teach youth that they need to be accountable for their actions, and that it is very important to have a healthy lifestyle and learn better decision making skills.

6. The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience is a non-profit organization committed to creating a safe space for women to discuss issues relevant to mental health awareness. They do this through their yearly charity event, “The Girlfriend Experience,” which brings together women of all different ages and backgrounds in a forum where they can discuss issues surrounding self-confidence and personal growth. Through discussion and workshops, the club aims to help women understand how to be mentally strong in order to combat depression, anxiety and other mental disorders.

7. Philly Obsidian

Philadelphia Obsidian is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to combating the negative effects of substance abuse by raising awareness and offering help to those who are struggling with substance abuse issues. They do this by working in partnership with youth on both a local and international level, saving lives and helping people who are either caught in the morass of addiction or those looking to get out before they make a mistake. 

8. The Global Medical Brigades

The Global Medical Brigades mission is to educate and build capacity within communities all around the world so that they may be able to provide medical services locally and on their own. Their main focus is on providing medical services to people in developing countries, where it may be much harder for them to get the care they need. They offer training programs and informational workshops in other countries so that they can work as a community as a whole to help those less fortunate than themselves, which helps lead to better healthcare outcomes overall.

9. Phuture Philanthropy

Phuture Philanthropy is a national organization that brings together young people from around the country to work on charitable projects in their communities and those around the world. It is a forum through which participants can share ideas, knowledge and experience to help produce change in their community and throughout society. Their main focus is on issues of homelessness, poverty, racism, homophobia and other important social justice issues that are relevant to our time today. 

10. The Mother’s Center

The Mother’s Center is a non-profit organization that provides resources and support for women and children dealing with both physical and mental abuse. Through their various programs, they are able to provide safe houses, counseling, financial aid as well as much-needed education. They also provide transportation to hospitals so that mothers can get care for themselves and their children. 


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