The TEDx conference is one of the most famous international event organizers with inner strength yoga quotes. In fact, TEDx is an independent event that shares videos from talks with the same name and ideology. There are thousands of TEDx attendees all over the world who aspire to make a difference in their own lives and communities.

This post takes a look at 10 incredible facts about the speakers, presenters and organizers behind this incredible global trend.

1. Not All TEDx Presentations Are Delivered In English

In fact, it’s very rare that a TEDx event is solely in English. Many of these events are presented in a number of different languages which include English, Spanish, Japanese and Korean. It was just a couple of years ago that the first ever TEDx event was held in Arabic.

2. Most TEDx Events Are Found On Twitter Before They Even Happen

TEDx is not only a global trend but it’s also bursting with new local trends as well. In fact, the majority of people who attend TEDx events never even attend them live! This is because most people find out about these events through social media platforms like Twitter.

3. TEDx Events Are Not Just “About” Technology

The name TEDx is in fact very misleading because it implies that the events are solely about technology. However, this is only partially true as most TEDx events are hosted to bring people together and focus on a specific theme or two. The theme may be about technology but it is usually more than that.

4. There Are Different Levels Of TEDx Event Organization

Not all TEDx events are created equally. In fact, some organizers have decided to meet the licensing requirements while others have decided to take an illegal route and host unauthorized or pirated versions of the same event. Make sure you find out everything you can about any speakers before attending any event!

5. Most TEDx Events Are Held In Non-Traditional Venues

According to the official TEDx page, most events are held in locations that are not traditionally considered a “venue” such as libraries, museums, cafes and parks. There have also been some famous ones hosted at the White House and internationally as well.

6. Some TEDx Speakers Have Become Famous Worldwide

There have been many famous TEDx speakers over the years including Eben Moglen, Bill Clinton and Russel Brand. Many of these speakers have become celebrities in their own right even if they did not speak at a TED event. It is definitely something worth considering if you are looking to be noticed!

7. TEDx Is Not A Business… It’s A Brand

In fact, TEDx is not a business and it is actually a non-profit organization. The name “TED” in fact comes from the initials of Technology, Entertainment and Design. This means that TEDx events are mainly about education, entertainment and design. It’s just not about technology!

8. TEDx Was Started By An Internet Entrepreneur

Chris Anderson is the current curator of TED and he founded the very first TEDx event in 1984. Though he did not start it, people tend to credit him with starting the movement because of his success with TED. Adam Sachs founded the TED Conferences in 1984 which were first held at his apartment in Montalivet. The initial goal was to create a way to bring together individuals on the same wavelength with regards to education, design and technology.

9. Many TEDx Speakers Are Graduates

There are many TEDx speakers who have received graduate degrees from institutions that include Harvard University, MIT and the University of Michigan. If this is not evidence that you can make a name for yourself just by speaking at events then I don’t know what is! TEDx speakers are often graduates as they are known to be extremely knowledgeable and highly qualified in every way. This makes them well-suited to speak at TED events as they can talk about their experiences in a very direct and unapologetic way.

10. Many Of The Speakers At TEDx Events Come From Unusual Backdrops

In fact, many speakers come from unusual backgrounds including race, religion, gender and ability. This helps to create a more diverse community and actually make these events more interesting because you are likely to be learning from unexpected sources. Although the majority of speakers come from such backgrounds, there are actually a few people who attend TEDx events for personal reasons and not for business or government purposes. These speakers have talks that go much deeper than their usual professions.


TEDx has been a global trend for years now. It is not only about technology but it is also about an innovative and creative way to bring people together from all over the world. There are many different ways to attend these events as well, which makes them even more appealing to potential presenters and attendees.  The TEDx logo has become a registered trademark by the time, so you can recognize whether the event is authorized or not.


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