MINIMALISM LIFESTYLE is the latest trend in home decor and lifestyle, but many people are not quite sure of what to do with it. Your first step is realizing that less is more. The minimalist lifestyle a superlink international lifestyle co. ltd requires you to live within your means, want for nothing, and be ready for anything. What does this mean? It means living with less clutter and taking care of whatever you have on your hands instead of acquiring more things that may not serve a purpose later on.

1. Only have one (1) or two (2) pieces of furniture.

This is called the Theory of Small. Every other piece of furniture should be a table, chair, lamp, or similar thing. For example, instead of having a sofa and two chairs in your living room, you can have a sofa, a round table that can be used for dining and playing board games, and two chairs. This will leave less space for more furniture to take over for additional guests that often visit your home.

2. Minimize the number of items inside your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator.

This is called the Theory of Fewer. You are not just limiting the amount of items you have in your possession but also limiting the amount of items you have shoved inside your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. You can actually expect to keep a lot less after implementing this idea.

3. Bring a towel or spare clothes when traveling.

This is called the Theory of Less, and it means that you will be bringing less stuff along with you when you are out on a trip with family or friends instead of going along with everything that refers to home and sitting in front of your TV all day long, watching movies and eating junk food (which are not worth it).

4. Go minimal in maintaining personal hygiene products.

This is called the Theory of First. Many people who have a minimalist attitude forgot to practice it when it comes to their personal hygiene products. Since you want to keep less items in your possession, you should also keep less products in maintaining your hygiene.

5. Use a table cloth and not a dish towel as an extra layer of protection for your kitchen table.

This is called the Theory of Less Underneath, which means that before you place the actual dinner on top of your dinner plate, you can use a tablecloth as an additional layer of protection for your dinner plate before you place food on top of it. This will save you the trouble in washing and drying the dishes before using them again during future use.

6. Wear shoes and socks that are suited to your job.

This is called the Theory of Right Matching. Find a pair of shoes and socks that would suit your job position and lifestyle, like a waiter or a teacher, etc. It will not only save you time but also the amount of money you spend on buying new pairs all the time.

7. Make sure all items that you acquire have a purpose.

This is called the Theory of Made to Last. When you do not have a purpose for the item that you acquire, it will only end up filling the space in your home instead of adding value to it or performing well for the specific job it was meant for. Find out what purpose is needed for each item before buying it.

8. Reuse and recycle as much as possible.

This is called the Theory of Repair, which means that if you have something that became worn out, faded, or broken by using it improperly and you still have it available in your home, then repairable items should be thrown away instead of acquiring new ones. In doing so, you will be reducing unnecessary waste from entering the environment and hence minimizing your carbon footprint on our planet.

9. Prioritize cleaning your house with the least amount of effort.

This is called the Theory of Simple, which means that while cleaning your house, you should do only those things that are most important. For example, before vacuuming your home carpet or taking out the garbage every week, you can take a part-time job to make extra money or go on a short vacation.

10. Choose simple food items like rice and pasta over other regular items that are unhealthy.

This is called the Theory of Frugality, which means that instead of eating burgers and fries for dinner every night, you can eat more healthy meals such as rice and spaghetti for a better diet if these cooked meals are cheap.


The minimalist lifestyle is sleek and attractive but it is not easy to implement. You will have to make sacrifices to achieve the goal of living with less clutter and actually achieving an attractive minimalistic look. You can expect some changes in your personal life when you transition into this lifestyle, but as time goes by, you will learn that these sacrifices are really worth it. You can expect your friends and family will be attracted by your new style, which will also make it easier for you to implement it.


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