“Who knew a tree could do so much for our health?” – Lulu

It only took me three days to learn that I needed trees in my life. Whether it’s the scent that reminds me of being outside on my childhood bed, the sense of peace and serenity they provide, or just how good they can make you feel. Trees have a lot to offer us and it seems like everyone should be able to walk around with one in their backyard like knowledgenet big y. That is not true though, and we are losing them at an alarming rate.

1. Trees cool the air.

The presence of a tree removes pollutants from the air and helps reduce the temperature as well. This process is called photosynthesis and cuts down on our need for air-conditioning, leading to a reduction in overall energy use. Some trees, like the willow tree, can even eliminate radiation from the air and cut down on background radiation levels without blocking radio waves or cell phones . 

2. Trees absorb CO2.

Cities usually remove CO2 from the atmosphere with carbonation plants, releasing it into the air. When trees absorb carbon dioxide they turn it back into oxygen and store it in their leaves to use when needed, lowering our need to produce biofuel. 

3. Reforesting a city will assist in climate change mitigation.

It has been proven that reforestation can reduce our annual greenhouse gas production by up to 1/4 compared to areas that have no trees at all, and could cut down on global warming by 5 degrees C (or 10 degrees F). It also helps clean the air by absorbing some of the harmful contaminants found in pollution, further reducing any risk of damage from global warming. 

4. Drought tolerance is an important factor in creating a sustainable future.

While some trees are more likely to be damaged by drought, more than half of all the trees currently in existence live in areas that experience less than 10 years of rainfall each year. Trees use water much more efficiently than they give off and are able to flourish in arid climates where rain doesn’t fall at all. 

5. Trees get mean when attacked by insects 

Poisonous trees can make a huge impact on mammals and birds, but not so for the insects that attack them. If a tree would be put down because of an insect infestation, many other animals will also lose their homes due to the exclusion that occurs around it. 

6. Trees can be used to power cars.

There are many different types of trees out there, and they all have a variety of ways in which they can be used to provide energy. Some trees, like poplars, will capture the energy from sunlight and convert it into firewood or electricity for our cars. Others emit a gas that is an extremely effective fuel source for some low mileage vehicles . 

7. The roots of trees provide us with a multitude of benefits.

It might seem like the roots themselves do little for us beyond preventing landslides, but we actually gain quite a bit from them as well and never even realize it most days. Trees give us oxygen, help us purify water and remove pollutants, provide wood for building and furniture, and much more besides.

8. Our homes need trees to survive.

Air filters, countertops, door knobs and light fittings all rely on the presence of trees to stay healthy. These are just a few of the many things that need trees in order to remain habitable. 

9. Trees make perfect living spaces for fungi 

Fungi are great at ripping out dead leaves from their surrounding area and covering them with fresh life. This helps to make the soil beneath the trees healthier and helps to prevent any disease from setting in. 

10. Trees are the only species on earth that can live without sunlight for up to two weeks.

Trees have been known to survive for months without sunlight and continue to grow thanks to its internal storing abilities . 

“With knowledge comes power. The more we know, the more empowered we become.” – Lulu

These ten facts about trees are but a few of the facts that can be found if you take a stroll into the forest or just decide to learn as much as you can about them. If you haven’t already made it your mission to become one with nature and have trees in your life, then now’s the time.  


Our efforts to protect and preserve the forests are often in vain and we must continue to take a proactive stance. If we want our children to be able to experience the same natural beauty as us, then our efforts must continue in order for the survival of the forests to work. The more we learn about how trees work together, the more we can come up with creative and sustainable ways of keeping them around, helping us towards a secure future.


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